11 Best Design Newsletters To Subscribe With Reviews of Each Newsletter

Whether you are a web designer, graphic designer, or animation designer, you must be up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. And subscribing to the best design newsletters to follow can help you stay on top of your game.

The newsletters give you news and advancement in the design industry, including expert insights. You get to know everything from the latest trends to what the best in the business say about them.

This article brings you the best newsletters for design to subscribe to. Keep reading to know them all!

11 Best Design Newsletters To Follow

  1. UX Design Weekly
  2. Ueno
  3. Web Design Weekly
  4. HeyDesigner
  5. Inside Design
  6. Designmodo
  7. All the Small Things
  8. Format Magazine
  9. Sidebar
  10. CSS Tricks
  11. It’s Nice That
  12. HackDesign

Best Newsletter for Design to Subscribe to

UX Design Weekly

UX design weekly newsletter

What’s better than beginning your week with UX design trends and tricks to improve your skills?

UX Design Weekly brings you the best user experience design links each week. The newsletter curated by Kenny Chen, Interaction Designer at Google, lands in your inbox every Monday.

It includes articles on various topics besides resources, tools, portfolios, media, book recommendations, and news focused on user design. Furthermore, you can read some of the articles on their website.

It brings you the most helpful resources from the best in the industry.

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If you prefer less quantity but higher quality content, Ueno will surely become your favorite soon!

Ueno is perfect for anyone looking for expert advice about growing as a designer. It brings text, images, and music to help you create content viewers cannot take their eyes off.

Ueno's team shares their unmatched knowledge regarding brand creation and utilizing the digital space. The newsletter brings easy-to-understand yet interesting content to you every two weeks to not overwhelm your inbox.

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Web Design Weekly

The next name on the list of the best newsletters for design to subscribe to is another amazing weekly resource for web designers.

The Web Design Weekly is the perfect way to stay connected with the web design world without reading emails daily. It covers all basic and trending topics, including industry updates. The newsletter also informs you of the finest front-end tools for impeccable design.

The best part about this newsletter is its straightforwardness. It tells you only what you want to hear without any random blabber.

Be ready to learn the latest tricks and tools every Wednesday once you subscribe to the newsletter.

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If you prefer reading something daily, HeyDesigner is the perfect choice.

HeyDesigner brings you the latest articles, news, and resources to help you with all kinds of designs. The newsletter covers all topics, including product design, visual design, design engineering, UX design, visual component testing, creativity, and inspiration. It shares articles on front-end development and design to give you insight into design knowledge.

HeyDesigner lets you choose the frequency of the newsletter according to your preference.

Inside Design

The next on our list is a treasure of information and knowledge from a reputable design platform. InVision is a design workflow platform that sends you Inside Design weekly to tell you everything you might miss out on.

It gives you details of designers making their names in the industry, how-to guides, and other helpful material. You get tips to boost your skills, besides more information about design tools and collaborations.

Subscribing to Inside Design is the answer to your FOMO regarding design news!

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The Designmodo newsletter reaches 143,000 readers every month, bringing everything about the latest products.

The newsletter is a complete package with articles, top industry news, information, and the latest products. Moreover, it gives tool recommendations for building websites, including design, coding, and inspiration.

You may also come across monthly job openings in the best companies. So, don't wait any further to subscribe to it!

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All the Small Things

Opposed to the name, “All the Small Things” brings you all the big news on the digital content landscape. Tijs Vrolix is a freelance design strategist who curates this newsletter for you every week. He is a design genie who knows everything about designing wonderful products and services.

The newsletter shares the most relevant strategy, design, and innovation articles. While Vrolix does not promise to send the newsletter every week, it is a well-received publication.

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Format Magazine

The Format Magazine is one of the best newsletters for designers to subscribe to, featuring creative articles and creative artists.  

The Inbox Candy from Format Magazine reaches your inbox every week, which inspires readers to create interesting content. You can get different types of information and articles on their website.

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The Sidebar is a daily newsletter that brings five links to your mailbox weekly.

It is a simple, informative, and to-the-point newsletter that does not overwhelm you with a lot of content. The newsletter also gives you a list of helpful tools and resources you might not find anywhere else.

Sidebar sends you five links on UI and UX design throughout the weekdays. You may also submit your work for publishing as guest content; make sure it’s easy to read and understand.

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CSS Tricks Newsletter

As the name suggests, this newsletter covers web design and development. It has articles, news, and videos about web development with links from different sources. It focuses on media queries, typography design principles, industry insights, and tricks to optimize images.

It is a complete package to know everything you want to learn about web development and design.

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It’s Nice That

It’s Nice That is another informative newsletter covering everything from animation, advertising, digital art, architecture, and graphic design. You will be amazed to know everything this newsletter brings to you, including design processes, industry news, and interviews with the top guns.

This newsletter has multiple options to choose from. You can opt for a Round-up of the top stories or get the weekly newsletter. Moreover, Nicer Tuesdays gives you access to videos and updates from events. At the same time, you can discover creative talent and visual trends in your inbox every two weeks.

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HackDesign is the perfect piece for design lessons curated by the best design professionals every week. It covers numerous design-themed topics based on the mechanics of iconography, responsive web design, vector interface design, and more.

The newsletter provides you with resources to learn new tricks and techniques. Get ready to get hand-crafted information in your inbox every week and learn at your own pace.

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Final Words

If you are a designer looking for inspiration and the latest industry news, you can catch up by following the best newsletters for design to subscribe to. UX Design Weekly, Designmodo, HackDesign, and All the Small Things are among the most interesting newsletters for designers. Many of them are weekly newsletters, while Sidebar brings you links to the best UX designs every weekday. At the same time, It's Nice That and HeyDesign let you choose the frequency according to your preference.


How to manage your email newsletters?

Managing your email newsletters can be tough, and you might have too many in your inbox. The inability to read the newsletter kills the purpose. So, instead of leaving the newsletters to die their slow death, you can manage them to improve your productivity. The best way is to filter incoming mail that separates the newsletters from the rest; then, you can read them once every week.

What are some newsletter graphic design inspirations?

People usually subscribe to newsletters considering the topics and information. However, the graphic design of a newsletter contributes to maintaining a reader base massively. So, when you think of creating a newsletter to reach your targeted audience, design it appropriately. It must have attractive but not-too-bright colors followed by proper sectioning. Understanding the necessary elements to make your newsletter look unique and engaging can also help you stand out.

What are the best product design newsletters?

If you are looking for the best product design newsletters, Product Hunt Daily, Product Design Weekly by Atomic, and Dense Discovery by Kai Brach are favorites among product designers. At the same time, The Smashing Newsletter and Yo! Rob Hope also bring you the latest designs and insights to learn and grow.

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