How to read Substack Articles For Free?

Substack is the undisputed king of email newsletter subscription platforms, offering a humongous variety of newsletters to choose from. You can pick the category or writer of your choice to subscribe to. It offers everything from politics to technology and lifestyle. Substack caters to thousands of writers and millions of readers, allowing them to connect on the platform. Signing up on Substack as a writer is incredibly simple, and you can also read articles from others. But users often ask, “How to read Substack articles for free?”

If you are also looking for an answer to the same question, we got you covered. Let’s dive in!

What is Substack?

Substack is an email newsletter subscription platform that brings readers and writers together. 

It started with the vision of providing earning opportunities to emerging and polished writers. Substack’s mission is to encourage writers to create content when told their work holds little economic value.

The platform understands that people who read realize the value of the author’s work. That is why many authors can eventually expand their businesses past newsletter publishing. Substack offers a mix of free and paid newsletters on various niches and topics to cater to the authors and readers’ interests.

Substack an email newsletter subscription platform
Substack an email newsletter subscription platform

How does Substack Work?

Substack has emerged as a game changer for writers of any skill level in numerous niches. Writers can create an account on the platform, publish and monetize their work.

Substack has something for everyone, whether you are a journalist, activist, skilled content creator, or a budding writer. You can build a strong portfolio, create content that provokes critical thinking, or monetize the content you have been writing so far.

Besides offering a wide reader base to writers and authors, Substack has also introduced Substack for Podcasts, where content creators can publish their podcasts. Furthermore, the platform has been testing a video player – who knows what the future of Substack might look like!

Additionally, inclusivity is one of the most prominent features of Substack that makes it a favorite among publishers and readers. You can publish anything on the platform unless it is porn, harassment, or hate speech. Whether you want to publish your content on the web or send email newsletters to your subscribers, Substack has you covered.

How to Subscribe to Newsletters on Substack?

When you visit Substack, you will see a pop-up on the page asking you to enter your email to subscribe to Substack. Alternatively, you can subscribe through the subscription button in the top right corner of the page. Click on it, enter your email, and you are ready to read your favorite emails. 

At the same time, you can discover your favorite authors and categories and subscribe to specific newsletters you want.

How to Subscribe to Newsletters on Substack?
How to Subscribe to Newsletters on Substack?

Do You have to Pay to Read Articles on Substack?

Writers can publish free and paid content on Substack. So, yes, you might have to pay to read articles by some writers. 

As a writer, you can publish content for free on the web or send free email newsletters. On the other hand, if you do not want to read paid newsletters, you can always find writers that offer valuable content without asking for anything in return.

While it might surprise you, Substack has quite an extensive reader base for paid writers. Over 1 million people pay monthly Substack subscriptions to read content from their favorite writers.

Most subscriptions cost $5 to $15 monthly; if you can, why not support your favorite authors!

How to Read Substack Articles for Free?

As mentioned, you can read Substack articles for free from writers that do not ask for a subscription fee. However, if you want to read articles from a paid subscription newsletter for free, you cannot. Substack does not allow you to bypass their paywall.

Reader Homepage

Substack always works to provide better content to the readers, and testing different new features is a part of the process. One such feature is the Reader Homepage.

Substack has revamped its homepage, offering the best authors and newsletters in all categories. You can also go to the "Discover" tab and look for other writers and categories you like.

Add Reader to your Android home screen by opening it from Chrome and tapping the three dots in the top-right corner; click "Add to Home Screen." Similarly, open Substack Reader in Safari and select “Add to Home Screen.”

Can You Read Substack Articles for Free on the App?

Besides revamping the home page, Substack also introduced its free app that you can download without any charges and read your favorite newsletters online. While the application is free for download, you cannot access content that requires paid subscription, unless they share any in the archives.

The application has become a favorite among readers in no time because it keeps the content organized. The app also notifies you of new publications from writers you follow.

Furthermore, the application boasts the Discover feature that brings you new writers in your genre of interest. You can browse multiple categories to find something new to read. Who knows, you might find a new favorite writer!

Can You Read Substack Articles for Free on the App?
Can You Read Substack Articles for Free on the App?

How to Read Substack Stories for Free on Amazon?

Now you know how to read Substack articles for free. But did you know you can read Substack stories for free on Amazon Kindle?

Readbetter allows you to send your Substack newsletters to Kindle that you can read later. The software is absolutely free and lets you read Stratechery and Substack publications.

All you have to do is forward the newsletter to your personal forwarding link that eventually appears on your Kindle. The best part is you can also automate this process.

Is Substack Free for Writers?

Creating an account on Substack is free for writers as it is for readers. They do not have to pay a signing up fee or monthly charges to the platform to showcase their work to the public. However, Substack makes money by charging a small commission off writers’ earnings on the platform. 

Substack takes around 10% of your total sales, which might go up to 13% to 15% when you add the credit card fee. Yet, this fee is quite reasonable compared to Amazon, which charges 30% of the writer's earnings.

What is the downside of Substack?

The only downside of Substack for readers is the subscription fee for a few authors and newsletters. Also, it is not the best platform for writers willing to reach a massive audience in less time. It takes time to build your presence on Substack and bring people to read your newsletter.

At the same time, you might offer your articles for free for some time before readers are interested in paying for your content. Writers who want to rank in SERPs might not find Substack impressive as it does not have an SEO system.

Final Words

Substack is a popular email newsletter platform that brings writers and readers to one place. Writers and readers can sign up on the platform without any sign-up fee. As an author, you can publish and monetize content. Readers can subscribe to free and paid content in multiple niches to receive the content they like. If you wonder, "How to read Substack articles for free," you must search for authors offering free newsletters. In case you are looking for ways to bypass the paywall for paid newsletters, Substack does not allow that.


What is the point of Substack?

With subscriptions, writers can directly publish content to their audience. You only have to pay 10% of the total earnings to Substack to maintain customer service and other related costs.

What is the minimum subscription on Substack?

Writers can add a paywall to their content, amounting to as less as $5/month and $50/year. It allows them to bring their content to the readers for a small fee. However, if your readers are willing to pay higher, you can set the price accordingly.

How do I open Substack?

If you want to create a Substack publication, go to Substack and click "Start writing." You will see a sign-up prompt that asks you for a publication name, URL, and one-line description for your publication.

Is there an alternative to Substack?

Despite Substack’s popularity and a million paid subscribers, Ghost is another name coming to the surface as a Substack competitor. It also allows users to create and publish content, with a few other features unavailable at Substack.

Is Substack only on Apple?

Substack initially launched the mobile application for iOS, but now Android users can also read their favorite newsletters by downloading the Android Substack app.

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