What are The Most Read Topics On Substack?

Substack is not just a media company but a fresh concept offering a subscription network. The platform's subscriber model directly connects writers and their audience. This engagement empowers readers and creates a sense of community around shared interests. This dynamic interaction enables readers to engage with thought-provoking content. Which brings us to think what are the most read topics on Substack?

Substack has over 35 million active subscriptions, including 2 million paid ones. You'll find celebrated writers like Margaret Atwood, George Saunders, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar here. Alongside them, a new generation of writers is building their careers and communities on Substack.

Google searches for "Substack" have risen by 1900% over the past two years, with a 500% increase in the last year alone, as reported by Exploding Topics data.

Trending Substack Topics

  • History & US politics
  • Investigative journalism
  • Economics & culture
  • News & information
  • Sports & business
  • Pregnancy, parenting, and Covid-19
  • Reasoning and science
  • Law

Most Read Topics on Substack

History and US Politics 

Readers on Substack show a notable interest in history and US politics, highlighting their strong attraction to understanding America's political landscape. These newsletters offer insights into the country's history and how it affects current situations. This interest also reflects a common desire among readers to learn about the nation's story and how it shapes its current direction.

Popular Newsletter: Letters from an American
Popular Newsletter: Letters from an American

Popular Newsletter: Letters from an American

This newsletter gives you a snapshot of today's political scene. It explains that you need to understand America's Constitution, laws, economy, and social norms to grasp current politics. This newsletter delves into the essence of being American, exploring both the present and historical aspects that define our country.

Author: Heather Cox Richardson

Investigative Journalism

Investigative journalism newsletters on Substack uncover the secrets in everyday stories. They explain complicated things in easy words and reveal hidden truths about the government and society. Reading these newsletters, people learn important information that helps them see the world more clearly.

Investigative Journalism Newsletter: TK News
Investigative Journalism Newsletter: TK News

Newsletter: TK News

The newsletter covers complex topics like finance, how Congress works, and military contracts. It explains them in simple words so everyone can understand them. It keeps up with Rolling Stone's style of reporting on presidential campaigns. TK News also shares true crime stories, releases books in parts, and makes videos to explain things.

Author: Matt Taibbi

Economics and Culture

Economics and culture newsletters on Substack explore how money and societies are linked. Readers learn how financial matters influence different cultures and their way of life. These newsletters provide insightful economic information to help you make informed decisions according to the recent economy.

Noahpinion | Noah Smith | Substack

Newsletter: Noahpinion

Noahpinion shares the most interesting economic news from everywhere. It's not just about the US; Noah also looks at money in countries like the Philippines, China, and Russia. He talks about markets and  important things like the economic fight with Russia and how America's defense money affects people's lives.

Author: Noah Smith

News and Information 

News and information newsletters on Substack focus on delivering exclusive local news for specific communities. They provide a reliable source of information customized to the needs of a particular area. Many readers subscribe to these news and information newsletters to stay updated on the latest happenings.

The Profile
The Profile is a newsletter by Polina Pompliano

The Profile Newsletter

The Profile is a newsletter by Polina Pompliano that explores the stories of successful individuals and companies in various fields such as business, tech, sports, and entertainment. This newsletter is perfect for people who have a curious mind and are looking to enrich their reading thirst. 

The Profile Newsletter also shares the successes and challenges some of the world's most accomplished figures face. So, if you are keen to improve your content consumption, this newsletter is your best choice.

Subscribe to The Profile newsletter

Sports and Business

While mentioning the most read topics on Substack, how can we miss sports and business? And we are not talking about sports and business in their separate categories. 

Sports and business newsletters on Substack offer insights into the connections between money and the world of sports. These newsletters are read by athletes, investors, and fans, providing a unique perspective on how finances impact the sports industry.

Newsletter: Huddle Up
Newsletter: Huddle Up

Newsletter: Huddle Up

This free newsletter talks about how money and business are linked to sports. Athletes, investors, and fans read it every day. More than 30,000 people trust Huddle Up for the business side of sports. It can be a bit one-sided at times, but It is unique and special regarding its content and way of seeing things.

Author: Joseph Pompliano

Pregnancy, Parenting, and COVID-19

Pregnancy, parenting, and COVID-19 newsletters on Substack provide useful advice and information for parents-to-be. They offer practical tips and tools to help navigate pregnancy and childcare during these challenging times. Pick your favorite newsletter to see how you can make the best out of your pregnancy, and then go on to become responsible, conscious parents.

Newsletter: ParentData
Newsletter: ParentData

Newsletter: ParentData

This newsletter comes out two times a week. It helps you learn about pregnancy, parenting, and COVID-19. You'll see statistics and tools to help you make good decisions. Emily has also carved fun phrases like "Safety Turducken" and "Situational Fluency." If you are looking forward to more content like this, you're in the right place!

Author: Emily Oster

Reasoning and Science

Reasoning and science newsletters on Substack discuss how our brains think and understand things. They also explore how science works and how we learn about the world. These newsletters are not only good for adults but also young, curious children. They provide answers to many of the questions you might find complicated.

Newsletter: Astral Codex Ten
Newsletter: Astral Codex Ten

Newsletter: Astral Codex Ten

Astral Codex Ten is a blog about the special word "ṛta." This word is old and comes from Sanskrit, an ancient language. It's like a magic word that means stuff like "rationality," "art," "harmony," and even "right" in different ways. It's like a secret key connecting to words in other languages like Greek and even to ideas about ruling and money.

Author: Scott Alexander


Law newsletters on Substack explain legal topics without using complicated words, so everyone can understand. They give you legal advice on common matters and what your initial response to different situations should be. Subscribing to these law newsletters informs you about the law enough to not make wrong legal decisions.

Newsletter: The Popehat Report
Newsletter: The Popehat Report

Newsletter: The Popehat Report

The Popehat Report is one of the most popular newsletters on this topic. It is about issues with laws and how we can speak freely. It explains complicated legal things in a fun way that everyone can understand, not just lawyers. The newsletter talks about how laws don't always work as they should. Its author has written a lot about federal criminal law, investigations involving Trump's team, debates about free speech and the First Amendment, and how the internet and free speech laws connect.

Author: Ken White

Factors Behind These Trends

Now that you know which are the most read topics on Substack, what makes them a favorite? Here are a few reasons contributing to the popularity of these newsletters.

Creativity Freedom

Substack provides writers with a platform to express themselves freely without the restrictions of editorial oversight. Here you can get genuine, unfiltered, more appealing content.

Platform Simplicity

Substack's minimalist design focuses on the content rather than distracting platform elements. This allows readers to engage more deeply with the material.


The absence of Substack editors and the lack of strict guidelines for quality writing allow authors to showcase their authentic voices and unique perspectives. This appeals to readers towards genuine and relatable content.

Open Dialogue

The ability for readers to directly engage with writers through comments and replies nurtures a sense of community and interaction. This real-time communication can create a dynamic and engaging reading experience.

Diverse Content

Substack hosts a wide range of topics and perspectives. This enables readers to discover content that aligns with their interests, no matter how niche. This diversity of content attracts readers with varied tastes and preferences.

Curated Subscriptions

Readers can subscribe to specific writers they admire, tailoring their content consumption to their preferences. This personalized approach to content delivery enhances reader satisfaction.

PS: Trending Topics to Read on Substack:

Substack is like a special club that links writers and readers closely. It covers many different topics people like, from history to journalism. It's like a space where different ideas and direct connections between writers and readers come together. Some of the most read topics on Substack include investigative journalism, news and information, law, and US politics. At the same time, some readers are also interested in economics, culture, sports, business, and sports business. Choose your favorite category and pick a newsletter of your choice on Substack.

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