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Trading is often considered a gamble because a wrong choice can lead to massive losses. The chances of making a bad decision are even more when you do not have a guide or mentor to help you pick the right choices. The 360 Wall Street Newsletter is the perfect solution to all your trading problems. The newsletter is run by Bullseye Trades, a financial analysis platform founded by Jeff Bishop.


  • Driven by trading experts with over a decade of experience
  • Daily trading suggestions
  • Statistics and analysis to help you understand trading in-depth


  • Not best suited for day traders

Jeff Bishop is a financial expert and experienced trader who has been a part of the industry for over twenty years. He uses real-time data to assess risks and help users identify potentially profitable trades to make better money. Bishop is a favorite among emerging traders as he informs the users of highly recognizable price patterns and proper risk management.

So, if you are looking for a virtual mentor to help you make more informed decisions regarding trading options, do not wait to subscribe to 360 Wall Street.

What is 360 Wall Street | Bulls Eye Option Trading Newsletter about? 

The 360 Wall Street newsletter came into being in July 2022 when Jeff Bishop mentioned that RagingBull is merging the Masters' Club and The War Room into 360 Wall Street. The name "360 Wall Street" came from Jeff's vision to provide the readers with a 360 view of swing trading. It is a daily newsletter that brings you the best trading choices for the day within less than three minutes before the market opens.

This newsletter is driven by six traders with more than ten active years of experience in trading to help you grow in your journey. While the ideas benefit all types of traders in the market, they are best suited to the palate of swing traders. The ideas expressed in the newsletter are more directed towards open trade held for a few days.

However, the 360 Wall Street newsletter does not promise to make you rich overnight.

Meanwhile, if you follow the suggestions and stats shared by Jeff in the newsletter, you can learn a great deal about trading besides what he is personally investing in.

Besides the daily newsletter, the 360 Wall Street package also gives you access to LIVE chat rooms hosted by trading experts and instant app alerts on your phone to ensure you do not miss anything.

What topics do 360 Wall Street | Bulls Eye Option Trading Newsletter cover? 

360 Wall Street | Bulls Eye Option Trading Newsletter covers everything you want to know as a new trader. It brings you at least one to three top ideas by the expert traders at Bulls Eye. It may include anything from options trades to stocks and crypto picks. The data and statistics provided by the 360 Wall Street newsletter are pivotal in decision-making as a learner in trading.

Is it free or paid?

Jeff mentions that the 360 Wall Street newsletter is a complimentary service to the users due to inflationary times. However, if you want to sign up for Bullseye Trades, it costs $399 pre-paid for a year. Apart from the 360 Wall Street newsletter daily updates, you will receive weekly Bullseye Trades with mid-week updates and access to live rooms.

PS: My Honest Review of 360 Wall Street | Bulls Eye Option Trading Newsletter

If you are also willing to try your luck in trading, do not make the mistake of stepping into the trading world without a mentor. The 360 Wall Street Bulls Eye Option Trading newsletter is the perfect guide for those interested in swing trading. Jeff Bishop has created this newsletter driven by ten trading experts to provide helpful insights to emerging traders.

The newsletter brings you information about potentially profitable options that you may invest in. It also gives statistics and other details about the recent swing trading landscape to ensure you can choose the right ones. It covers different pieces of news, including stocks, options trading, and crypto.

Personally, I believe that Jeff Bishop has done a great job bringing this daily newsletter to readers to give them daily insight into changing trading dynamics. It helps swing traders decide on the options to invest in, hold, or sell. These insights into the trading world can greatly help traders with less experience. The expertise of Jeff Bishop himself and his qualified team is excellent to help you grow in your journey.

Subscribe to the newsletter immediately or join the alerts at to stay updated about changing trends and hot choices!

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