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A Musing Father Newsletter provides emotional reflections on fatherhood's joys and challenges. This deeply personal collection by Kevin Geehr invites readers into a world of vulnerability, strength, and celebration of familial bonds.


  • Deeply personal and informative content
  • Well-researched facts and theories are presented 
  • Engaging and easy-to-read content 
  • Great for self-improvement and learning


  • Paid subscription 
  • Some newsletters can come across as lengthy for non-readers

What Is The Purpose Of A Father’s Musing Newsletter?

A Father’s Musing Newsletter is a creative spur taken by Kevin Geehr on the adversaries, splendor, and obligations of being a father. He writes beautifully and in a naturally resonant manner about the dilemma of today’s world that stresses strong family bonds. His work adds emphasis on the importance of interactive parenting beyond the fulfillment of basic provisions. 

While his insight is filled with delightful anecdotes, stories, and imaginative plays the newsletter also dives into the emphasis on the father’s mental health. At large, he profoundly explains how a family functions as a unit taking care of one another to achieve the ultimate goal – being nurtured.

The A Father’s Musing Newsletter explores the following themes:

  • The presence of an attentive father in a child’s life 
  • Basics of emotional intelligence when dealing with children 
  • Ways to nurture creativity at an individualistic level 
  • The fulfilling parts of being a parent 
  • Ways to improve common mistakes in parenting 
  • How to grow as a human with your child

What Writing And Structure A Father’s Musing Newsletter Possesses? 

A Father’s Musing Newsletter is a reflection of a passionate father. The newsletter often begins with a symbolic dad joke which compliments the irony and also adds personalization to the letter. Moreover, Geehr builts up his letter gradually; beginning with a sweet anecdote, and the addition of a meaningful fact which eventually crescendos to the key objective of the newsletter. 

It is commendable that he adds deeply, researched, and verified phenomena about children or the impact of parenting on children. He is always able to communicate an elaborate piece of knowledge in an accessible manner that is understandable to all. 

For example; in one of his newsletters titled, “Toot Boxes and Timeless Moments: How My Toddler Grounded Me in the Present” he delves into, “The Anti-Marshmallow” phenomenon. In which he astutely elucidates the relationship of a child’s behavior with the gratification offered by the parents. 

He further explicates that delayed gratification can create an ever-lasting vacuum, disrupting the mentality of enjoying subtle moments of life and plummeting one into existentialism. Geehr very wisely puts it, “Living life in pursuit of a utopia in which all your needs are accounted for and stressors removed is a surefire way for life to pass you by.”

What Is Unique About A Father’s Musing Newsletter?

One can argue what is so special about this newsletter, it is merely similar to any other parental guide blog or book. Surprisingly, it is a lot more different because Geehr is not a proclaimed instructor or child psychologist – he is a simple father who communicates with his readers on an emotional and personal level. 

Therefore, his newsletter does not come with a condescending, snooty judgemental snippet to guilt shame his readers. His words emanate a deep caring undertone, accompanied with momentous empathy. He shares details of his daughter, Charlie’s growth, thoughts, dreams, and ambitions, and what he has learned so far to support her aspirations.

The newsletters weave threads of cognitive presence alongside psychological maturity that a parental figure has to adopt. Thus, transmit the acquired wisdom to his children. He makes the readers believe as if we are all in this journey of growth together by showing no signs of intellectual or emotional superiority over his readers. 

Who Should Subscribe To A Father’s Musing Newsletter?

Anyone who is a new parent or aspires to be a better parent should sign up for this newsletter. I am sure you will find a lot of wisdom and self-correctional tips to adopt as a parent. With the recent mental health awareness campaign, many child psychologists have conducted profound research related effects of negative parenting on children. 

If your conscience propels you to become a better parent and want your children to credit you for their positive outlook on life when they grow up – you should sign up now. You may have you pay a price but it will not be with your child’s future at least. 

Final Words Of The Review 

I would recommend A Father’s Musing Newsletter specifically to those parents who have minimal time on their hands. They cannot read extensive books or keep up with blogs. Their first choice should be to subscribe to this newsletter. It comes with digestible pieces of knowledge but a similar amount of facts and research, with an extra touch of personalization and emotions.

At last, as we all agree, parenthood is not an easy task. As they say, it takes a village to raise one child. We may not have a village by our side but a meaningful and understandable relationship with another parent can be very soothing. You can apply the wisdom Geehr has to provide to raise healthy and empathetic individuals. You can also drop your pearls of advice in the comments to connect with other concerned parents. 

A Father’s Musing Newsletter, which started this year in January, already has a family of 100 subscribers. You can join his journey of parenthood and vouch for becoming a better father with him.

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