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Across the Pond is a comprehensive newsletter with everything about American politics. It is one of the best resources for people who want to stay updated on everything about the national political scene. Let’s find out more about this informative read in this Across the Pond newsletter review.


  • Every edition dives deeply into each story
  • The author is adept on the subject
  • The newsletter is free of cost


  • Across the Pond follows a long format without sub-sections
  • The newsletter has not yet established a reputation as it is new to Substack

What is Across The Pond Newsletter about?

The Across the Pond newsletter brings you all the news related to the American political landscape. Whether you want to know the latest advancements, possible interactions in the future, or form an opinion regarding elections, Across the Pond is among the top choices. The author mentions, “Follow the first Substack election via this new weekly newsletter dedicated to all things American politics.”

So, if you are interested in staying up to date with everything happening in the American political scene, subscribe to the newsletter right away.

But before you decide, let’s tell you the email structure in this Across the Pond newsletter review:

The Newsletter Structure of Across The Pond Newsletter

The newsletter follows a simple, long-form structure that may seem too monotonous if you like easy-to-read emails. The newsletter may be supplemented with one or two photos, but you will not find many.

  • The Across the Pond newsletter email begins with the day's title and a short story description.
  • Then, you will see an image relevant to the edition’s story.
  • After the image, the author shares in-depth insights into the news in the form of long text without sub-categories or headings.
  • The newsletter ends with a greeting from the writer.

What Topics does the Across The Pond Newsletter Cover?

Across the Pond is an "everything American politics" newsletter that takes you through news and recent happenings in the political landscape. It may not bring you numerous events in one newsletter, but every email is worth waiting for. You will love how the author explains every topic in detail, making it easy to understand for everyone. 

You will see articles from different domains covering all the recent events. Some of the newsletters include “Trump vs Taylor,” “Hope for Haley,” “Foreign entanglements,” “Could RFK Jr. become president,” etc.

Is it Free or Paid?

Across the Pond is a free newsletter that lands in your inbox every Monday and Friday. Subscribing to the newsletter is incredibly easy. Visit their Substack and subscribe to the newsletter hassle-free.

Subscribe to Across the Pond newsletter

Now, you might wonder who's keeping a close eye on American politics! Here's the author's introduction in the Across the Pond newsletter review:

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Across the Pond is the brainchild of Gregory M. Hall, who is a freelance writer as seen in The Spectator and The Article - Quoted in The Times and La Repubblica - Referenced by the LSE and Michael J. Gelb in "Mastering The Art of Public Speaking: 8 Secrets to Transform Fear and Supercharge Your Career."

The Across The Pond Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The Across the Pond newsletter has quickly gained popularity among readers, making it one of the favorites in the category. Readers look forward to the emails every Monday and Friday to see the American political space from Gregory's perspective. Many people also think that it resembles Letters from an American, making them more interested in the newsletter. 

Some subscribers do not like the long format of the email and would like more news sources in a skimmable manner. However, most enjoy reading the newsletter and want to hear from the author more often.

My Honest Review of The Across The Pond Newsletter

As we wind up the Across the Pond newsletter review, I’d not give a positive or negative verdict yet. The newsletter is quite new to the market and seems promising. However, there are established newsletters in the category, making it difficult for Across the Pond to top the charts yet. But if you want to give it a shot, I’d encourage you to subscribe to the newsletter to see if it suits your liking!

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