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Ariyh is an excellent newsletter if you are looking for marketing tips to boost sales. It is one of the most authentic newsletters, bringing information from scientific research data. As it relies on scientific research, this newsletter brings unbiased information. Most of the topics covered by Ariyh are based on research in the recent past, within the last month or two. Sometimes, you may also find stories based on older research dating up to ten years back. However, research within the past ten years is also considered recent as it takes a lot of time to conduct research.


  • Easy to read
  • Sound research
  • Deeply explained


  • One story per newsletter
  • Weekly insights

Ariyh brings the best of the marketing world to around 15,000 marketers who have subscribed to Ariyh. Keep reading to decide if Ariyh is the right choice for you.

What is Ariyh Newsletter about?

Ariyh is a marketing insight newsletter that tells you about recent marketing research to help you improve sales. The experts at Ariyh understand how important it is to change your marketing styles with changing times and keep you updated with the latest research.

Ariyh relies on the best scientific journals that publish content after proper research and evaluation. Analysts review the papers, scrutinize them, and make sure that they are free of errors. These journals are published after editing, and that is why Ariyh takes time to give you the news for the day.

The Newsletter Structure of Ariyh

Ariyh is a comprehensive newsletter sharing insight into one research paper weekly. It comprises a recommendation, the findings of the study, why it works, limitations, steps to implement, companies currently using the strategies, link to the original research paper, and authors’ names.

  • The Ariyh newsletter begins with the header showing the title of the topic of interest.
  • You can see the author’s name, publishing date, and social media handles under the header.
  • Next, the author mentions the sponsor’s name.
  • Just below the sponsorship mention is the first main segment of the newsletter: The Intro. The intro is just like the introduction to any blog or article. The newsletter begins with a conversational intro and makes the base for the following sections.
  • The next section is "Recommendation," in which the author shares recommendations on how to make use of the research for your benefit.
  • After the recommendation, you can see the "Findings" segment that mentions all the journal findings. You may consider it the "inferences" segment, which talks about all you can extract from the study.
  • Following "findings" is "why it works.” Thomas McKinlay understands readers want to know why a particular strategy works so well. And he gives the readers what they want!
  • Next, he mentions the limitations of the study under the “Limitations” heading. It enables you to understand if this approach is beneficial for your business or not.
  • Later, you can see “Companies using this.” This is one of the most helpful segments in the newsletter, as it lets you understand if your competitors or top players in the industry are using a specific marketing strategy.
  • In “Steps to implement,” you get a deep insight into implementing this research into your routine to boost sales.
  • As you move toward the end of the newsletter, you can see the Study type, link to the original research, and names of the researchers.
  • There are a few add-ons at the end of the newsletter, including "want to optimize your pricing," "want to advertise on Ariyh,” and “New to Ariyh?”

You can also leave feedback about the newsletter by choosing how you feel from the given options.

What topics does Ariyh Newsletter cover?

Ariyh covers marketing topics based on behavioral science to understand the buyers better and devise relevant marketing strategies. They include neuroscience, psychology, and economics science journals comprising over 10,000 research papers every year in marketing. Ariyh finds the top 1-2% out of all the published research papers to bring you the most impactful ones. These research papers and the information collected from these sources allow Ariyh readers to pick the best marketing strategies. The research spans months or years to get the best results needed for boosting businesses.

Is it free or paid?

Ariyh is an absolutely free newsletter that you can receive in your email every Tuesday by just subscribing to it through the website. Go to the Ariyh website by typing "Ariyh" on Google or visiting Ariyh You can see the space to mention your email in the middle of the homepage with a “Subscribe” button on the right. Enter your email in the designated space and click on “Subscribe.” As you do not have to pay for the newsletter, you will immediately receive a confirmation email.

Click on "confirm" when you receive the email, and you will receive your newsletter on the nearest Tuesday.

PS: My Honest Review of Ariyh Newsletter

Ariyh is an excellent newsletter followed by around 15,000 marketers around the world. Instead of hit-and-trials, Ariyh based on research published in the top science journals comprising studies on behavioral sciences. The experts at Ariyh study recent research published in the previous month, dating as much as ten years old, to bring the best marketing strategies to you.

Ariyh’s popularity is attributed to two factors. Firstly, it does not have a subscription fee, allowing anyone to subscribe to the newsletter without worrying about wasting money. At the same time, the insight in each newsletter is so well-explained that it keeps the readers hooked.

They get all information about the study under review, from implementation to which companies already use it, and link to the original research. This is any marketer dream come true who wants to stay updated about changing marketing trends backed by scientific research.

I love it, and if you also like to know more about human behaviors, economics, sales, and how they are interrelated, Ariyh Newsletter is an excellent choice!

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