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Atlas Obscura Newsletter is issued by the US-based online travel magazine company Atlas Obscura. It specializes in hidden wonders of the world, little known paintings by history's most famous artists, amazing travel stories, and many more. Atlas Obscura in recent years has grown to become a National Geographic of millions of millennials.


  • Atlas Obscura newsletter is not just a regular newsletter. It features stories around the world. Be it the forgotten traditions, diverse cultures, classical music, obscure places, or travel locations that are yet-to-be-explored — they “have it all” for you.
  • Also, one can manually select the frequency of the email newsletter. There's a Daily, as well as Weekly version of the newsletter.
  • The best thing about Atlas Obscura newsletter is that it's free. You don't have to pay to read their newsletters.


  • Atlas Obscura targets a specific demographic: millennials. So, older people might not be interested in reading their newsletter.
  • Again, like many other email newsletters Atlas Obscura also has its own problems. One such is, using a lot of visuals, which slows down the email loading.

What is Atlas Obscura Newsletter about? 

Atlas Obscura Newsletter is all about the hidden wonders around the world. This includes, but not limited to, unexpected stories, on-demand and live courses, and also amazing trips around the world.

To put it short: Atlas Obscura’s raison d’être is trivia.

Further, for the foodies Atlas Obscura has “Gastro Obscura Newsletter.” This is specialized for food and drink and sent twice a week.

The newsletter structure of Atlas Obscura Newsletter

Atlas Obscura newsletter is sent depending on your email program. 

Subscribers of the Daily Atlas Obscura Newsletter will get a daily digest of the most intriguing stories, fascinating discoveries, and hidden wonders of the world. Weekly Newsletter subscribers can expect to  receive that on a weekly basis. It's preferred by those who like a neater inbox.

They also offer multiple courses via Atlas Obscura newsletter. And there's Atlas Obscura Small Group Trips which let the readers explore the newest trips, travel inspiration, and many more.

Is it free or paid?

Joshua Foer, the co-founder of Atlas Obscura newsletter and website says, “We believe Atlas Obscura can be a new kind of National Geographic for our generation.”

Well, he is kinda right.

And want to know the best part? It's all free.

My Honest Review of Atlas Obscura Newsletter

Atlas Obscura Newsletter is published by an US based online travel magazine company of the same name, Atlas Obscura. And in recent years it has become one of the most influential email newsletters around the world.

As a content creator myself, I'm always on the hunt for good stories. My top 3 stories from the Atlas Obscura newsletter are: 

  • “A Mysterious Cézanne Portrait Was Hiding Under the Layers of a Still Life,”
  • “A Hidden Caravaggio Masterpiece, An Inheritance Feud, and a Roman Villa up for Sale,” and
  • “The Alternative Groundhogs Vying for Punxsutawney Phil's Weather Forecasting Job.”

That being said, tens of thousands of people have already signed up for their daily newsletter. It's your turn now. Sign up, and never run out of good content again!

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