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We often look for "how to manage anger" or "how to communicate to your boss effectively” on Google. But what if a newsletter brings you something new every day to help you be a better person and professional? The Barking Up The Wrong Tree newsletter review talks about one such newsletter.


  • Science-backed content
  • Detailed insights
  • Free of cost


  • Inconsistent
  • Too long

Barking Up The Wrong Tree is an amazing newsletter answering questions we often wonder about. It offers a humorous yet scientific take on all these topics. The author enables you to be awesome at life by providing expert insight and science-based answers to your questions.

Keep reading to find everything good and bad about this newsletter and decide if it is worth subscribing to.

What is the Barking Up The Wrong Tree Newsletter about?

Barking Up The Wrong Tree is all about basic questions about life and behavior we find ourselves Googling. I can describe it best as expert insight into being an awesome person and professional.

The author, Eric Baker, is also the writer of the best-selling book by the same name, “Barking Up The Wrong Tree.” The book also explains the rules of science and the reasoning behind specific behaviors and events in our lives to help us keep ourselves composed. Eric started writing the newsletter while researching and realized that people could benefit from massive information revolving around issues in our daily lives. And he was not wrong!

Barking Up The Wrong Tree has over three hundred and forty-five thousand subscribers who avail the extensive information in the newsletter comprehensively.

The newsletter is perfect for anyone who strives for daily growth and realizes that you cannot progress without working on your soft skills. We will further discuss some of the topics covered in the newsletter.

The Newsletter Structure of Barking Up The Wrong Tree Newsletter

Despite the plethora of useful information and techniques this newsletter brings, you might be surprised to see its simple structure in this Barking Up The Wrong Tree newsletter review.

  • As you open the email, you will see the newsletter's title in the middle and the publication date in the following line.
  • Next, you might see an advertisement, typically Eric's books such as Barking Up The Wrong Tree or Plays Well With Others. Eric mentions a thank you to his readers just below the advertisement.
  • As you scroll further, the main body of the newsletter begins with the mention of the topic; there is a link to the website blog if you want to read it in desktop view.
  • Now the best part of the newsletter begins – a whole story or blog on the topic mentioned earlier. The piece of writing is super-detailed, covering all aspects. The piece is divided into sections using subheadings and made easier to read using bullets.
  • The email ends with a request to leave a book review on Amazon and some email extras taking you to other relevant blogs.
  • Furthermore, Eric leaves with a thank you and a link to a subscription if you have not already subscribed to Barking Up The Wrong Tree.

What topics does the Barking Up The Wrong Tree Newsletter cover?

Barking Up The Wrong Tree covers various topics, from professional life to behavior and relationships. It gives you science-backed answers to all your concerns and queries. It tells you about being better in your personal and professional life. This newsletter covers topics like improving productivity, overcoming imposter syndrome, managing fear and anger, being better at relationships, etc. You also get links to the studies to learn more.

Is it free or paid?

Our least favorite part of writing a review is mentioning that the newsletter is paid as many people miss the opportunity to read it. But in this Barking Up The Wrong Tree newsletter review, I am so happy to mention that this newsletter is absolutely free!

Visit the Bakadesuyo website to subscribe to the newsletter. Bakadesuyo is Eric's website, where you can find his books, newsletter, and blogs. Eric sends the newsletter on Sunday every week, but sometimes you might receive only one monthly.

PS: My Honest Review of Barking Up The Wrong Tree Newsletter

Do I still need to say that Barking Up The Wrong Tree is one of the best newsletters I have subscribed to? It is the perfect dose of inspiration and information you need to keep improving and growing. This newsletter is the best piece to read while relaxing on a Sunday.

It tells you everything from managing anger, fears and improving productivity to understanding relationships better. Everything in the newsletter is backed by scientific research to bring you the most authentic and workable solutions.

If you’d ask me, I’d suggest subscribing to the newsletter right away! You can always unsubscribe if you want.

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