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Below the Fold Newsletter is all about stories that don't make it to the front page. The newsletter is published every week. And it's free. All of their stories, be it even the sponsored ones, are hand-picked by their editorial team. And that makes it one of my favorite newsletters on the internet.


  • Unlike other newsletters, in Below the Fold newsletter you will never see more than one sponsor per newsletter.
  • Also, all the stories, including the sponsored ones, are hand picked and edited by their editorial team, making it one of the best newsletters on the internet.
  • Below the Fold Newsletter is absolutely free to read.


  • This newsletter doesn't give coverage to some of the most relevant news of that day. This is a big negative point for younger generation who are seeking to read mainstream news articles.
  • Below the Fold newsletter is niche specific. So, this is not for everyone.

What is Below the Fold Newsletter about? 

Below the Fold Newsletter is a weekly email newsletter. It's all about unfolding those rare news, unexpected stories that don't make it to the mainstream media. To put it short: stories that don't make it to the front page. For example, “how advanced plastic recycling has toxic potential.” Also highlight: “how keeping cash is key to keeping freedom.” And here's my personal favorite: “studies say, pricey fertilizer grows greener farming practices.”

The newsletter structure of Below the Fold Newsletter

Below the Fold Newsletter uses a minimalistic and eye friendly design. The newsletter structure is also spot on. 

For instance, a newsletter starts with a main essay. Then it has,

  • Below the Fold Bytes
  • Action of the Week
  • This Week's Sources, and
  • Ascii-ing About the News

Is it free or paid? 

Below the Fold is named after the actual physical fold in the middle of a traditional newspaper, where there used to be unusual stories below that physical fold. 

And want to know the best part of it? Below the Fold newsletter is completely free to read from day one.

My Honest Review of Below the Fold Newsletter

Below the Fold Newsletter is sent every week. And I really wish they published it everyday. Because I like the content so much.

You might ask, “How do they do it for free?!!”

Great question. They partner with valued sponsors. But you'll never see a drop in content quality. They have a rule to use one sponsor per newsletter. Additionally, all the stories that are selected are written by their team.

Their four core values are:

1. Controlled Context: They write stories using reputable sources.

2. News Wellness: Below the Fold prioritize news that makes one feel good. And also, A Move to Action and Sustainable Growth are two other core values of this renowned newsletter.

That being said, tens of thousands have already subscribed to Below the Fold newsletter. It's your turn now.

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