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Bulwark+ newsletter has a community of experts who share their ideas about politics and describe different standpoints on political matters and conspiracies. It allows the readers to think of other political situations precisely and focus on the cause as these issues are arising rapidly.


Pros of this newsletter

  • Diverse authors 
  • Varying perspectives 
  • Easy to understand 
  • Ad-free 


Cons of this newsletter

  • Expensive 
  • Maybe me slightly spammy

Subscribing to this newsletter can save you from the daily annoyance of searching for political articles and news because you get daily updates. It understands your interests and sends you alerts accordingly. 

It is great for reading political articles published by different authors and building opinions based on the news article! 

What is this newsletter Bulwark+ about? 

The Bulwark+ newsletter is about politics, where authors share their ideas by posting stories and podcasts. It has a wide range of articles, as various topics are covered on a daily basis. This newsletter has premium content because it is a community of independent-minded people who don’t fear sharing their ideas or opinions. 

The members of the Bulwak+ newsletter can choose different categories of their desired political area and get alerts in their personal emails.

What is the Newsletter structure of Bulwark+?

  • The structure of this newsletter is straightforward and colorful, enriched with multiple options. 
  • On the front page, readers can find a wide range of articles, ranging from trending to recent. Also, they have access to listen to podcasts, which saves reading as readers can listen to these podcasts at any time regardless of their busy schedule. These podcasts are explicitly explained and leave no room for confusion. 
  • In addition, this newsletter is filled with diverse options where every domain has its own category, and you can find it on the top bar. 
  • All the stories and articles are verified with authentic sources before publication. 

Is this newsletter Bulwark+ free or paid? 

Free and paid subscriptions are available for the readers, but free access is only limited to daily news updates. They are not allowed to share their ideas and listen to incredible podcasts, making free subscriptions useless. 

However, paid subscription has many benefits because it provides access to almost everything. It includes articles, stories, blogs, and interesting podcasts. The paid subscription is appealing, and it costs $10 a month and $100 for a year. 

Readers can visit the website to learn more! 

Is this newsletter Bulwark+ legit? 

Thousands of people are subscribers of Bulwark, and it proves its legitimacy. Visiting the website can help to know about the community people who write for the newsletter and share their ideas and opinions. 

Its high-quality content and podcasts are ideal for political lovers because they can listen for many hours. 

Is Newsletter name Bulwark+ legit? 

Yes, this newsletter is legit because it has published thousands of articles, and many people love to read its articles and stories. It has gathered popularity due to its podcasts which allow people of every age group to listen to and understand political issues. 

I have subscribed to this newsletter to understand the political world. It is the best way to know what is happening and why. In short, it is a great way to be aware of everything happening in a country and what people say about it! 

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