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The Contrarian Thinking newsletter is one of the best newsletters in the world of investments and business. The newsletter hits your inbox every Thursday with new business ideas and ways to start. It also contains advice on investments and side hustles.


  • The newsletter contains links to other related articles.
  • Unconventional ways to make money.
  • The newsletter provides great business ideas and tips.


  • Some articles take up to 10 minutes to read.
  • The newsletter is not for everyone. Just those looking to start or invest in small businesses.

What is Contrarian Thinking Newsletter? 

The Contrarian Thinking newsletter is one of the best newsletters in the world of investments and business. The newsletter hits your inbox every Thursday with new business ideas and ways to start. It also contains advice on investments and side hustles. It provides all that a small business owner would need to grow their profit. Billionaires and other successful contrarians share business ideas and their success stories with their subscribers to free their minds and help them think critically before making business and financial decisions. 

Contrarian Thinking Newsletter

From this newsletter, you can learn and understand the language of money. This newsletter provides unique ways to grow your bank account and attain financial freedom. It focuses on small businesses as the owner is one to invest in these kinds of businesses and make a lot of profit. Each episode contains a different story from the previous one ranging from pieces about buying businesses to unique ways of making money and ways to help open up your mind to the world of money. You also get a free download of 29 ways to invest income when you subscribe. If you’re thinking of how to generate more income and live your dream life, the contrarian thinking newsletter is for you

The newsletter structure of Contrarian Thinking

The following is the newsletter structure of the contrarian Thinking: 

  • The newsletter begins with a header stating the title of the newsletter and the date is at the bottom left of the title.
  • After the header, there’s a brief introduction targeted at the main audience of the newsletter title.
  • Next, is the outline of the newsletter written in bullet points. This contains all that will be discussed in the newsletter.
  • The outlined issues are then discussed extensively and sometimes contain related and helpful links. This is where you get all the juicy tips and ideas you need to be a step closer to gaining financial freedom.
  • Then comes the conclusion with a call to action. Sometimes, it includes a closing meme or Codie’s signature. 
  • After the conclusion comes a list of links related to the issue discussed in the newsletter.
  • The next section includes two links to help interested persons join the contrarian crew. The links included are to help people register for their paid courses.
  • After this, there is a section appreciating those who forwarded the newsletter and a link for new readers to subscribe. There’s also a section calling out to people interested in advertising with the contrarian thinking newsletter.
  • Then comes the disclaimer section where Codie says the article is for information purposes only and not to sell or solicit for a purchase offer. 
  • Then comes two more sections to help new readers subscribe if they haven’t done so already.
  • The last section is the trending posts section which contains images, titles, and links to the trending posts.

The structure of the contrarian thinking newsletter makes it an easy read as it contains images and fun talks in between. It is structured in a fun way so the reader doesn’t get bored. Depending on the topic discussed, it may not follow the exact structure mentioned above. Although, the majority of it follows this structure.

Is it free or paid? 

The contrarian thinking newsletter is a free weekly newsletter that helps over 400,000 contrarians rewrite their stories and live their dream lives. This free newsletter contains real-life stories of other contrarians whose lives have taken a new shape after buying a business or starting one. As the popular saying goes “action speaks louder than words”, the contrarian thinking newsletter is filled with actionable cash-flowing ideas to help you to the next level and take you a step closer to attaining financial freedom and living life on your terms.

The contrarian thinking newsletter is sent to your inbox every Thursday. With this newsletter, you will be informed on the dos and don’ts of the business world. You also have the opportunity to learn from the success and failure stories of investing and also get business ideas and tips from billionaires.

Who is behind this newsletter? 

Codie Sanchez, who is a reformed journalist, manages the contrarian thinking newsletter. As an accomplished financier and entrepreneur, she is very passionate about financial independence. From investors to small business owners, Codie Sanchez aims to teach everyone the language of money to enable them to achieve financial freedom. 

In addition to her level of expertise, the contrarian newsletter is designed to help people think critically. If you need financial advice or want to be able to understand the language of money, then this newsletter is the right fit for you. 

Join the contrarian newsletter today and rewrite your story.

Is Contrarian Thinking Newsletter Legit? 

Yes. The contrarian newsletter is legit and not a scam. Codie Sanchez has her social media accounts open with a great number of followers. 

This helps build transparency and trust with her audience. Contrarian Thinking newsletter has over 400k subscribers and has helped several people gain financial freedom and live their dream lives. 

With experience and research, they have helped many people rewrite their stories and change the perspective from which they handle their finances. The contrarian thinking newsletter will tell you about real-life stories of other contrarians to motivate you and give you the extra push you need to start thinking critically about money.

Who reads the Contrarian Thinking newsletter? 

The contrarian thinking newsletter is majorly for people who intend to learn how to start up their businesses and also those who want to learn to buy already existing businesses at a lower price. Codie teaches people how to start up a business and also educates them on the pros and cons of these businesses. 

The newsletter helps to change people’s approach to financial issues and business. As an investor, Codie, through the contrarian thinking newsletter, teaches people how to invest in businesses, when to invest, and when not to invest. The newsletter also teaches how to grow your mailing list and build your small business. So, if you are thinking of starting up a business, or investing in one, you should check out the contrarian thinking newsletter before taking that big step.

Contrarian Thinking Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

While there are mixed reviews about this newsletter, the majority of them are positive. Many subscribers have said that the newsletter has helped them restrategize their financial decisions, and develop a free mind to think critically before making money decisions. 

Other subscribers have said that the contrarian thinking newsletter has helped make their investments profitable as they now earn a lot more from what they would have considered a waste of time and resources. It is no surprise that the contrarian thinking newsletter has such reviews as the owner gives actionable cash-flowing ideas that have worked for her. 

My Honest Review of Contrarian Thinking Newsletter

While the contrarian thinking newsletter offers unique ways of making money and investing wisely, it does not contain all you need to know as a small business owner nor does it contain all you need to attain full financial freedom. In order to get the full information, you will have to get any of their paid courses. These courses are pricey (they range from $150 - $10,000), and cannot be gotten by someone struggling to make profits in their small business.

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