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The Creator Wizard by Justin Moore is a newsletter that brings insights into finding and negotiating your dream sponsorship deals. He aims to educate entrepreneurs to get their dream deals instead of leaving thousands on the table.


  • The newsletter helps you communicate and negotiate better with sponsors.
  • Justin shares his secrets with the readers regarding sponsors and investors.
  • You get three weekly newsletters free of cost.


  • The Creator Wizard email contains an ad.
  • The information might seem too little to some people.

What is the Creator Wizard newsletter about? 

The Creator Wizard by Justin Moore is a newsletter that brings insights into finding and negotiating your dream sponsorship deals. He aims to educate entrepreneurs to get their dream deals instead of leaving thousands on the table. This newsletter brings you all the tricks of the trade to use when negotiating and discussing with brands. It is a one-stop solution to help you get new followers, communicate better, and bag the deals you want. This Creator Wizard newsletter review shares everything you need to know about how it can help you.

The newsletter structure of Creator Wizard 

  • The newsletter begins with the Creator Wizard newsletter logo in the middle, followed by the sponsor’s logo.
  • The main body of the newsletter begins with addressing the reader.
  • Then, Justin delves into the story's details by starting with the main topic.
  • Next is a short and engaging ad for the sponsor.
  • Following the ad, the author continues the newsletter story, explaining it in a short yet informative manner. 
  • Justin signs off with links to his socials. 
  • At the end, you might see another ad or video from the sponsors. 

Is it free or paid? 

Creator Wizard is an absolutely free newsletter that lands in your email every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Mindset Mondays and Take Action Thursdays are a favorite among readers as they bring actionable information for budding entrepreneurs and those seeking better negotiations. You do not have to pay anything to get this informative newsletter three times a week. Subscribe to Creator Wizard.

Who is behind this newsletter?

The next on our Creator Wizard newsletter review is the author's intro. Justin Moore writes this newsletter. He founded Creator Wizard, an influencer marketing agency that works with family-friendly video influencers. He has launched campaigns with big names like Disney, Cheetos, Walmart, Macy's, Kohl's, etc.

Justin has spent the previous 7 years as a creator with amazing brand deals besides his influencer marketing agency in the last 5 years.

Is Creator Wizard Newsletter Legit? 

Creator Wizard is a legit newsletter and community that brings actionable advice to the readers. He has built a helpful community that helps people who want to gain sponsorships and investments. Consumers get to read deep insights from Justin’s long career that he shares with the readers. 

You can find reviews on his website that ensure the newsletter and the information you get are legit. Justin also gives direct sessions to help creators get the deals they want using specific strategies and techniques. 

Creator Wizard Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The Creator Wizard newsletter is popular among readers, who have also learned from it and implemented bits of advice. Some say it feels like Superman is sharing his superpowers with them. They mention the CW courses, direction, help, and support have been immensely helpful in communicating and negotiating with the investors and sponsors. A few businesspeople have also mentioned how Justin's calculator helped them provide their clients with the right charges and rates. Readers love that the Creator Wizard is indeed a Wizard for creators. This newsletter is full of insights and pieces of advice that not only help get sponsors but also help with other aspects of being a creator. If you ask readers, they suggest you definitely follow Creator Wizard if you are a creator or someone looking for sponsors.

My Honest Review of Creator Wizard newsletter

My Creator Wizard newsletter review does not differ much from what the readers say. I believe Justin could bring more information in every edition, but three weekly newsletters justify the information he brings in each edition. All three newsletters have a different basic purpose and share details on unique subjects. You can find various newsletters that help get investors, but this one specifically suits content creators seeking sponsorships better. Justin shares his secrets from years of experience that helped him get sponsors without leaving thousands on the table. He shares what he has learned so you can improve in less time.  

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