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The newsletter Culture Study, as the name gives out, is about the aspects of contemporary culture. This newsletter written by Anne Helen Petersen aims to talk about and explore cultural topics related to contemporary issues. 


  • It has been featured on the sites such as  Elephant art and has articles that have sparked the global interest and have gone viral such as “Millennial burnout”
  • A very engaging thing about this newsletter is the way it promotes interaction between the subscribers. Subscribers all over the world can interact with each other and give information about their cultures and the perspectives they have.
  • And if you are thinking that you only get culture updates here that is not true. This newsletter has various information regarding the media and even political content. If you want to be updated about world politics, this newsletter has got your back.


  • As with any other newsletter, this one has the chance to be biassed due to the subjective nature it has to offer. Culture and politics no matter how neutral the writer is can get biassed at points.
  • Another downfall is that there is limited access to free content. Subscribers will need to get paid subscriptions to explore more.

What is Culture Study about? 

The newsletter Culture Study as the name gives out is about the aspects of contemporary culture. This newsletter written by Anne Helen Petersen aims to talk about and explore cultural topics related to contemporary issues. 

Now digging deeper, the Culture study has very well researched analysis of the issues related to the culture. The tone of the newsletter is very approachable and easy to understand, making it easier for the users to understand the issues and gain a good understanding of it. It is not just general cultural aspects but a wide range of topics that include media, the trends in the society , and more complex areas such as politics, are covered as well. 

The newsletter structure of Culture Study

This newsletter follows the usual structure of the articles, nothing new or fancy, views are prioritised over the structure or tone. The articles starts with the introduction of the topic, what will it be about, which leads to the analysis of the topic and finally the links to other featured content at the end 

This newsletter has a channel for the engagement of the subscribers as well, this means subscribers can interact with each other and share their perspective of the culture and the issues regarding it as well. 

Is it free or paid? 

Culture study has both paid and unpaid subscriptions. It offers its subscribers both paid and unpaid packages. However the articles and the information offered to the unpaid subscribers is very limited and mostly the subscribers will have to pay to get the quality content. . 

My Honest Review of Culture Study  

One of the very first thoughts that cross your mind after you read the articles on the Culture studies are how thought provoking and deep the analysis of Anne Helen goes. This is the best part, while reading about culture you need in-depth content but the one that is easy to grasp. This is what Anne Helen does.

This newsletter is designed to engage the interest of the readers and to make things better, it supports better communication among subscribers too. To put it out shortly this is a valuable resource to get a better insight of contemporary culture and to engage with a broad and wide community.

So what is the wait for, this newsletter is definitely worth signing up for!

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