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The Daily Donut newsletter is a breath of fresh air amongst the nerve-wracking, boring, and negative news you see everywhere. It is popular among readers for the quick and engaging news this newsletter brings you. We are excited to share more about Daily Donut in this Daily Donut newsletter review with you so you can decide which one you want to subscribe to. Yes, they have different choices to pick from!


  • Positive and fun
  • Covers various stories
  • Easy to skim


  • Not best for current affairs

Delve into this review right away to know everything about this newsletter.

What is the Daily Donut Newsletter about?

The Donut is a simple, easy-to-understand newsletter with tidbits, trivia, and recent news in a fun manner. It is different from your regular daily update newsletters. Donut can be described as "Dose of News Useful Today" based on each name letter.

This newsletter turns your daily morning into a fun, fast news session instead of going through anxiety-ridden, time-consuming pieces of news presented in a more heart-wrenching way. Daily Donut brings you unbiased and engaging pieces of news. It covers all types of information in a way that makes you feel happier, smarter, well-informed, and hopeful about the future.

This newsletter gives you a rundown of the world in less than four minutes.

The Newsletter Structure of the Daily Donut Newsletter

The next up is the structure of the newsletter in the Daily Donut newsletter review.

  • The newsletter lands in your email with an interactive subject, intriguing you to click on it immediately!
  • When you open the newsletter, you will see the DONUT in the middle of the screen with the logo. As you scroll, the letters open to reveal "Dose of News Useful Today.”
  • If you look around, the date and day are in the top left corner while the "View in browser,” “Shop,” and “Sign up” CTAs are on the top right.
  • Each newsletter has a sponsor’s name and logo just below the Donut’s logo.
  • The first section of the newsletter has a witty intro that could vary from something about the day, recent fun news, or results from a survey by the Donut. You will also see the estimated reading time at the end of this section.
  • The next part is the Speed Sprinkle, usually bringing you a small quotation.
  • The newsletter has numerous cool sections, including the Dose of Discussion that brings an important story from around the world.
  • Furthermore, you will see different sponsored pieces of news with a header mentioning the sponsor's name.  
  • Under the Speed Rounds section, readers can indulge in a few short, hot stories explained briefly.
  • Next is "The Hot Corner" with details to “Quoted,” “Stat of the day,” Did you know,” and “Worth a read.”
  • The Donut Holes segment mentions the environment, business and markets, sports, media, entertainment, science, space, emerging technology, and other miscellaneous short picks. It also has a clickbait at the end of this part.
  • Other sections in this newsletter include the Daily dose of positives, Poll results, Today's puzzle, answers, etc.
  • The Enjoying the Daily DONUT section offers rewards for inviting your friends to the newsletter – why enjoy alone?
  • At the end of the newsletter are links to their socials and options for offering feedback or unsubscribing.

What topics does the Daily Donut Newsletter cover?

The Daily Donut covers everything from business to politics, entertainment, science, and technology. You will find every kind of story in distinct sections, bringing you something from everywhere. Some might be full stories, while the newsletter may have links to others so you can learn more about them.

Is it free or paid?

The best part of the Daily Donut newsletter review is that is daily newsletter is absolutely free of cost. You do not have to pay anything to find this newsletter in your inbox every day.

The homepage has a Personalize My Donut Experience button that takes you to a quick survey before subscribing to the newsletter. This survey differentiates Daily Donut from others as it lets you pick a newsletter according to your preferences. Choose “I prefer emails” and “News around the world” in the quiz to receive the Daily Donut.

Other choices include positive Donut, Donut DM, the hot corner, by the numbers, word on the street, and trivia Donut.

PS: My Honest Review of the Daily Donut Newsletter

Talking about an honest Daily Donut newsletter review, I have to say that it is one of the best picks if you want to get daily trending news in your email absolutely free, without added drama.

It takes you around a small world tour within 4 minutes. You can read everything from innovation and hot pieces of news to sports and entertainment stories. It is best to get a quick overview of everything happening worldwide in a fun, witty manner.

Are you ready to join the Daily Donut community? Subscribe here. 

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