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Environmental Nutrition is a health publication by University Health News to help people improve their health. Environmental Nutrition has been providing accurate and unbiased information to health conscious readers and nutritionists for over 40 years now. The details provided in the newsletter or magazine are equally easy to understand for nutrition professionals as well as laymen. You do not need a lot of knowledge regarding nutrition to understand the content of the newsletter. It is perfect for anyone willing to improve their lifestyle.


  • Accurate information
  • Covers versatile topics regarding nutrition
  • Web and print edition available


  • Paid subscription
  • Once-a-month only

Editor and registered dietician Sharon Palmer works with the nutritional advisory board to provide accurate information in Environmental Nutrition regarding conflicting health claims. Environmental Nutrition helps you see through marketing claims by digging for research to help you avoid health issues and prevent diseases.

What is Environmental Nutrition about?

Environmental Nutrition is the ultimate nutrition and health newsletter for all fitness enthusiasts. It tells you all you should be eating for a healthy lifestyle and what you should avoid. The information provided in the newsletter is backed by research. You will also find content regarding marketing tactics and questionable research.

You get to know everything from the benefits of health supplements to how taking more than a specific amount can be harmful instead of beneficial. The newsletter also focuses on how you should not opt for a gluten-free diet unless you are gluten-intolerant or sensitive.

The Newsletter Structure of Environmental Nutrition

The Environmental Nutrition is a comprehensive newsletter with various sections about health and lifestyle. The newsletter generally comprises 12 pages, covering all latest news regarding fitness and staying healthy. The Environmental Nutrition newsletter begins with an abstract mentioning the discussions in the current edition.

You can see multiple feature stories numbered 1, 2, and so on. Between the articles, there are also short highlighted snippets so you do not miss on the important information. The publication has images and bulleted bits to keep the readers engaged.

What topics does Environmental Nutrition cover?

Environmental Nutrition covers all topics related to nutrition. It includes information related to all different types of diets, their benefits, and possible side effects. The newsletter also informs you of any false claims by nutrition companies regarding a particular product. You can get all information about natural and artificial supplements and if they are beneficial for you or harmful. Readers believe in the credibility of information provided by Environmental Nutrition.

Is it free or paid?

Environmental Nutrition subscription is not free, but you can choose from three options per your requirement. You can opt for the web-edition subscription, print edition, or the all-access membership. The print edition costs you $2.07 monthly while the web edition is $1.67 per month. At the same time, you can get the all-access membership for $2.47 monthly.

Compared to printed magazines for the print edition subscription, and online library for the web-addition, you can access everything if you have the all-access membership.

Environmental Nutrition charges you annually for your subscriptions, and the cost comes around $29.64 for the all-access subscription.

Visit the Environmental Nutrition subscription and enter all your details to subscribe to the monthly newsletter. You can also get a gift subscription for your loved ones – what can be a better gift!

PS: My Honest Review of Environmental Nutrition

Environmental Nutrition is one of the most-liked health newsletters because of its easy-to-follow format and authentic news. The team and editor Sharon Palmer double-check all information to ensure that you only receive accurate news. The stories and articles shared in the newsletter are ideal if you want to move to a healthier lifestyle or want to know more about supplements. The newsletter tells you the benefits of natural and synthetic supplements and also mentions the risk factors to avoid health concerns in the long run.

While the newsletter is an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts, it has a small subscription fee. So, if you do not want to spend money to subscribe to a health newsletter, you might not like this one. However, besides the paid subscription, there is nothing to dislike about Environmental Nutrition.

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