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There's nothing better than financial advice from the best in the business. And, if you are looking for investment advice, who can help you better than the experts at Fidelity Investor? Fidelity Investor is one of the most popular financial institutions with the best financial advice for investors. You can find almost everything at Fidelity Investor to make your investment plans worth every penny. They release their monthly newsletter to inform investors and potential investors about the best opportunities and risks.


  • Detailed fund coverage in every newsletter
  • Model portfolios
  • Expert perspective on investment plans


  • Comes once a month
  • Subscription fees

The newsletter ranks fourth among the twenty-five fund newsletters Hulbert has tracked on a risk-adjusted basis. The author Jim Lowell is a former fund manager and the Chief Investment Officer for Adviser Investments. He offers concrete investment advice utilizing his experience of years in the field. You will get insights into all kinds of investment and savings plans by subscribing to the newsletter.

Contrary to many other email newsletters, the Fidelity Investor Newsletter is a once-a-month newsletter. It lands in your email at the beginning of the month to inform you about investment trends and strategies.

What is Fidelity Investor Newsletter about?

The Fidelity Investor newsletter provides updates on investments and model portfolios. It gives you an expert opinion about the market environment, an analytical table, and graphs. You can also see the 12-month performance, its volatility, and the portfolio’s correlation with S&P 500.

The newsletter also gives you details about hundreds of Fidelity Investor's EFTs, mutual funds, and others. You can see buy/sell/hold ratings for these funds to help investors make model portfolios.

Besides the monthly newsletters, readers get weekly emails, so you do not miss out on any recent updates. Fidelity Investor provides performance updates on the 7 Fidelity Model portfolios according to your investment interests, besides exclusive interviews in the monthly issues. The subscribers can also view the information on the member-only website.

The Newsletter Structure of Fidelity Investor

The Fidelity Investor Newsletter has a simple, blog-form newsletter with different strategies and insights into model portfolios.

The newsletter begins with an introduction, categorized simply into different segments.

You will also see a few tables and graphs in the newsletter to help you understand the portfolios better.

The structure is simple and easy to understand, even if you are new to it.

What topics does Fidelity Investor Newsletter cover?

The Fidelity Investor newsletter covers all the latest news about what Fidelity funds offer. Jim Lowell shares his knowledge regarding the subject and tells the readers how to use Fidelity’s fund offerings to build 7 model portfolios if you want to invest long-term. It also covers 401k models and trading strategies for saving plans and budding investors. It is an excellent choice if you are not aware of preparing model portfolios and judging the investment options like an expert. The newsletter covers everything to help you find the best choices.

Is it free or paid?

Fidelity Investor is an immensely helpful newsletter for new investors, but it comes with a cost. Fidelity Investor costs $34.95 per quarter, and you get three months free when you sign up.

Visit to subscribe to the newsletter and receive all the information you need regarding investments. However, you also get email updates (if any) as Fidelity Investor wants to ensure you get all the required information. If you want to be an investor and make a living through it, the subscription fee is not as much as it feels.                                    

PS: My Honest Review of the Fidelity Investor Newsletter

Fidelity Investor is one of the best newsletters for finance and investment. It provides you with everything you need to know before you start investing. It is an excellent source of information regarding 401k models and trading strategies.

The best part is that there is nothing really bad about this newsletter besides the subscription fees and the fact that this newsletter only comes once a month. Readers wait for this newsletter every month to get the latest insights into investing besides the weekly email updates. 

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