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Here, you will read amazing startup stories of businesses. They share their interesting stories about how they got their first 1000 customers. It is a great read for anyone interested in startups because it offers both ideas and plans.


  • Real Startup Stories: You will learn about the real-life stories of how startups have made their name. It offers both inspiration and practical lessons.
  • Bi-Weekly Excitement: With a new issue every other Tuesday, there's always something fresh and interesting to look forward to.
  • Accessible to All Business Enthusiasts: Whether you have an established business or just starting your startup journey, this newsletter will speak your language.


  • Specific Focus: The content of the newsletter mainly focuses on early startup growth. It won’t be helpful for those who are looking for a broader business perspective.
  • In-Depth Analysis: Sometimes, too much detailing can overwhelm the readers who are trying to read something quickly before starting their day at work.

If you want to learn how successful startups achieve their goals, subscribe to First 1000 today. You will get a new edition of this newsletter every Tuesday. Here, you will read amazing startup stories of businesses. They share their interesting stories about how they got their first 1000 customers. It is a great read for anyone interested in startups because it offers both ideas and plans.

What is First 1000 Newsletter about? 

First 1000 is a great place to find stories about the early days of startups. Imagine finding out how your favorite companies took their first big steps. It tells unique stories every other Tuesday about people who were creative, tough, and smart about how they turned new ideas into successful businesses. The First 1000 will be like a success guide for you with great tips and tricks. By reading this newsletter, you can get the boost that you have been looking for as a startup. The newsletter tells us that nothing is really impossible if one wants to achieve something and work for it dedicatedly.

The newsletter structure of the First 1000 Newsletter: 

The First 1000 newsletter is structured to provide a mix of educational content, practical insights, and engaging storytelling. The structure of the First 1000 newsletter includes the following:

  • Friendly Greeting: Each newsletter starts with a warm, personal greeting, making readers feel welcome.
  • Setting the Scene: The introduction often includes a brief overview or a thought-provoking statement to grab the reader's attention.

Main Content

  • Case Studies or Themes: The majority part of the editions of this newsletter are dedicated to exploring specific case studies of startups.
  • Detailed Analysis: Each case study or theme is explored in-depth. It provides insights into the strategies and tactics used by different companies.
  • Practical Insights: The content is not just theoretical; it includes practical insights and takeaways that readers can apply.


  • Summarizing Key Points: The newsletter summarizes the main points or lessons learned from the topics discussed on a particular day.
  • Engaging Sign-off: A friendly and engaging sign-off that often includes a call-to-action, like encouraging feedback or prompting readers to subscribe.

Additional Elements

  • Visuals and Formatting: The newsletter uses a clean and reader-friendly format, often including visuals like images or graphs to enhance understanding.
  • Links to More Content: Often, there are links to additional resources or related articles for readers who want to explore further.

Subscription and Engagement

  • Subscription Prompt: Each issue ends with a prompt to subscribe. It underlines the value of staying updated with the latest issues.
  • Community Engagement: Occasionally, there are sections that engage the community, like reader polls or requests for feedback.

Who is behind this newsletter? 

Ali Abouelatta came up with the idea for the First 1000 newsletter. Ali is a smart and insightful person who loves to learn more about how successful startups do. He is very good at finding out the dark secrets and smart moves businesses use to get their first thousand customers. In every weekly edition, you can tell how much he loves these stories. Since Ali comes from a different past than most people, it helps him explain difficult ideas in a way that everyone can understand. Remember that he's not just telling some stories. He is trying to teach the necessary ins and outs of business and growth.

The Stats of this newsletter: 

The following are some of the stats about the ABC newsletter. 

  1. What is this newsletter about? It is about the strategies and stories of how startups acquired their first 1000 customers.
  2. The Total number of subscribers: The First 1000 newsletter has over 86,000 subscribers. 
  3. How does this newsletter make money? The newsletter likely generates revenue through subscriptions, sponsorships, or advertising. 
  4. Subscribe to this newsletter: Subscribe to First 100 Newsletter here. 

My Honest Opinion of the First 1000 Newsletter: 

If you are interested in how startups grow, the First 1000 newsletter is a goldmine for you. It's like getting a fresh look at how big ideas become big businesses. I like the fact that every week, we receive real-life stories and useful tips. Ultimately, it encourages startups and helps them understand many complicated business strategies. Ali Abouelatta breaks down startup successes and failures perfectly. He tries his best to teach new and experienced entrepreneurs. It's more than just a newsletter to me. How? To me, it's a way to learn about businesses that keeps you interested with interesting stories and deep analysis. This article is a must-read for anyone interested in the world of startups.

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