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Friday Finds Newsletter is all about trivia of top-five links. It is sent every Friday by David Perell. But readers, you've been warned! Those links are unlike anything you've ever read, and you might get addicted to the newsletter. Friday Finds is my favorite Newsletter of all time.


  • Friday Finds Newsletter sends you the top-five links of that week.
  • The writer, David Perell, sends you genuine links—never a spammy link.
  • Friday Finds Newsletter is absolutely free to read. Also, you can interact with David by sending a reply via email.


  • Readers of Friday Finds Newsletter might find the links boring.
  • Every newsletters has their own limitations. The Friday Finds Newsletter, for instance, is niche specific. It's specifically for those who like surfing the internet—not for all.

What is Friday Finds Newsletter about? 

The internet is saturated with celebrity gossip, political scandals and perfectly legal, but creepy as hell—paparazzi photos. Want to break free from it? Then Friday Finds newsletter is for you. It sends you the curated top five links of that particular week.

Unlike any other top five link newsletters, Friday Finds links are genuine and handpicked by David.

The newsletter structure of Friday Finds Newsletter

Friday Finds Newsletter is a weekly newsletter. The newsletter is issued every week by David Perell. 

After subscribing you will receive a series of emails over the next week. Note that all the emails will come from an official address. 

So make sure to check your spam folder and add the official email in your whitelist.

Additionally, the newsletter structure of Friday Finds newsletter is very minimalistic and eye friendly.

Is it free or paid?

Friday Finds newsletter is one of the most popular newsletters on the internet. It is published every Friday, as the name suggests. 

One reader said: “Friday Finds is like an intellectual candy store.” Another one wrote: “5 great things each week. That’s 50 great things every year. Why would I not want 50 new intriguing ideas every year? Simple as that.”

And want to know the best part? Friday Finds newsletter is absolutely free.

My Honest Review of Friday Finds Newsletter

It's unlike any of the other link based newsletters I've ever seen. Because mostly what they do is — include affiliate links all over the posts and then they add promotional links. But fortunately, this is not what happens in David's “Friday Finds” Newsletter. It is religiously curated by him. 

Moreover, the links are unlike any you've ever read. Which makes it so much more interesting. And this is definitely a plus point for the readers, of course. 

Here are some of my favorite links from the newsletter: 

  • How Instant Messenger Shapes Thinking,
  • The Bill Gurley Chronicles,
  • Own the Demand,
  • CIA Field Sabotage Manual, and
  • Steve Jobs, on Hiring.

Tens of thousands of people have already subscribed to this newsletter. It's your turn now. 

Sign up to the Friday Finds and never run out of ideas again!

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