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We live in a time where more and more women are creating safe and healthy spaces for their fellow women to celebrate, share, and cherish the beauty of life. Following the trend, Kim France, a writer, and editor, started a series of newsletters on Substack called “Girls of Certain Age.”


  • Insightful discussions 
  • Motivational content 
  • Some free articles and posts 
  • A positive community


  • Paid subscription 
  • Most of the content may only appeal to females

It is an interesting archive of various inspirational tales and narrations, including her own life stories, experiences, and lessons. Moreover, she occasionally hosts other women and discusses their journey in their respective fields which is empowering and heartening for other women to witness. Her words are insightful, meaningful yet enjoyable – an emblem of celebration of life. She started this newsletter series in 2023 which has now grown over 13,000 subscribers. You can join her too and discover the new aspect of life she has to present to all women.

What Is The Purpose Of Girls Of A Certain Age Newsletter?

Kim France is a 58-year-old woman, who started this newsletter series when she was in her 40s. The idea behind the name was to cherish the presence of youthfulness, life, and excitement she felt in her heart, like a young girl despite her age. According to her with time, this title has become outdated. Nonetheless, she uses her space to spread positivity and engage women of all ages. 

Her newsletters also discuss body image issues that women experience with advancing age. Especially, postmenopausal women who have to overcome societal judgments, self-criticism, physical and emotional changes, and grapple with self-acceptance. 

France highlights such issues by bringing forth the positive aspects of aging and presents considerate solutions about how one should embrace bodily modifications and embrace them with wide open arms. In newsletters like; Finding Love After 50 and Eight Reasons I'm Happy To Be My Age, she has profoundly shared her thoughtful advice for women to embrace their aging sleeves by presenting compelling events from her life. 

What Does Her Newsletter Feature? 

France newsletters are not just a stockpile of preaching content while they contain interesting facts about her own life they also feature various successful women and their journeys. 

  • Friday Q&A Links: It is a weekly delight, where France interviews the women she likes, admires, or seeks inspiration from. It is a candid conversation about challenges as a woman, questions about womanhood, and wisdom acquired in their lives. Her insightful question breeds a ground for an interesting and welcoming space. 
  • Memoir Series: France had a successful career as a magazine editor. She has worked at famous places like The New York Times Book Review and Rolling Stone. Also, lived a full life; pursuing diverse interests, or engaging deeply in her passions. Therefore, her memoir series is an absolute delight to read. It is an inspirational, creative, and deeply provocative voice. In this newsletter collection, she features the most interesting snippets of her memoirs that she initiated but won’t be publishing any time soon.
  • Notes: It is a very casual section of her newsletters. It is merely a reflection of life and thoughts any woman has. France uses this platform to share her opinions, advice, and suggestions on different niches. Let it be lifestyle, fashion, education, or feminism – you will find something about every interesting theme. 

Who Should Subscribe To Girls Of A Certain Age Newsletter?

Women of any age and background can join this community. But I would specifically recommend women in their 40s and 50s to become part of this wholesome journey. Especially, because most of the content would be relatable to them. This set of newsletters addresses issues related to aging, health, relationships, and self-care during the postmenopausal phase.

If you are looking to engage with women with familiar life experiences and challenges joining this community would be a treat. Moreover, you will be able to stay up to date about fashion, beauty, wellness, relationships, careers, and culture. 

If you are a passionate feminist and working to uplift women around you. The weekly Friday Q&A will help you meet some brilliant women whose work you can support and cherish. You will gain knowledge about their difficulties, challenges, and aspirations in navigating a male-dominated world which would be a retreat for women seeking inspiration. 

Final Words – Girls Of A Certain Age Newsletter

I adore every step that is taken to empower women especially the ones led by females themselves. Girls Of A Certain Age Newsletter is not my favorite solely for this reason but I also deeply resonate with the healthy female energy that is purely meant to uplift one another and not criticize. 

I would like to credit France for doing it so effortlessly and humbly. I specifically look forward to Friday Q&A sections which often feature female writers, journalists, and businesswomen. I relished the conversations with Melissa Clark, a food columnist, and Carlene Bauer, the author of the book Girls They Write Songs About. These interviews were filled with life experiences, wisdom, enlightening facts, and guidance for other women. 

If you are interested in becoming part of such a creative space then subscribe to Girls Of A Certain Age Newsletter and enjoy a weekly bundle of delight.

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