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International Intrigue is a worldwide newsletter by former diplomats. It brings you information about global affairs and how business, politics, and technology impact each other. You get to know everything within five minutes in the morning without having to understand or search for complicated jargon. Keep reading to know what has made me a long-term reader of International Intrigue and how you can benefit from it.


  • Images and graphs
  • Legitimate and authentic news
  • Easy to understand


  • May seem lengthy

Staying up to date with the geopolitical situation is inevitable, especially when technology is revolutionizing every day. And what's better than hearing from former diplomats regarding technology and geopolitics!

What is International Intrigue Newsletter about?

The International Intrigue Newsletter is about geopolitics, business, and technology and how these intersect. It is the perfect newsletter for anyone looking forward to getting insights into the political landscape but does not understand the jargon or language usually used in such newsletters. The authors and editors at International Intrigue make sure the information is easy to understand and follow for everyone. The newsletter concisely covers all the global political and business news you can skim within 5 minutes.

John, Helen, and Jeremy are diplomats belonging to Beijing, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles. They ensure the newsletter is simple yet informative, with all hot news globally. Though you do not need to know anything about politics to give Intrigue International a shot, you will definitely need a forgiving sense of humor!

The Newsletter Structure of International Intrigue Newsletter

The International Intrigue newsletter lets you get insight into the current political situation worldwide and how business and technology impact it, and vice versa. The newsletter has a simple, readable format, so you get the flavor of every piece of news without feeling the need to skip any.

  • As soon as you open the email, you will see the International Intrigue logo with the sponsor's logo.
  • Above the logos are the publishing date on the top left and a link to the online version.
  • Furthermore, you can see the social links on the left below the sponsor's logo.
  • The newsletter properly begins with a greeting followed by a witty introduction to the newsletter or a short brief of a hot topic.
  • Next, you can see an overview of the day's topics in bullet form with the estimated time required to read the newsletter.
  • The first segment is the "Around the World" section which brings short stories from different parts of the world. There is a world map with marked locations according to the news mentioned later.
  • After explaining a little something from all over the world, you can see news from the US, primarily on US economics. It has a long-story pattern explaining all the aspects of the story. The piece may also have a graph or image to make it easy for readers to understand. The story first describes the news briefly and then the authors' take on the subject.
  • Next, they move to "Global perspectives," which explains how other newsletters and newspapers globally covered the mentioned news. It enables you to realize how the news or change in the political landscape affects the people of various countries.
  • Following the detailed insight into the news, Intrigue International mentions the sponsor for the day.
  • The newsletter has one or two more stories in the same pattern, including a short description of the news followed by the author's take.
  • Moving towards the end of the newsletter, you can see the "Extra Intrigue" segment containing more information for the intrigued minds. There are links to other blogs, videos, and podcasts for additional information, along with the estimated time to read or listen to them.
  • Moreover, a short section mentions a historical moment in the day regarding geopolitics.
  • Lastly, there is an invitation to share Intrigue International, followed by a quiz if you want to test your geopolitical knowledge.

What topics do International Intrigue Newsletter cover?

The International Intrigue is a straightforward newsletter that does not work on multiple topics at once but a few to provide you with the most accurate information. When subscribing to International Intrigue, you will see news about geopolitics, business, and technology. The newsletter contains new stories around these topics every day, catering to the taste and requirement of the readers to enjoy reading these pieces.

Is it free or paid?

Sometimes it is surprising to see experts bringing you this valuable information without charging. Yes, International Intrigue is absolutely free. You just have to go to their website and subscribe to the newsletter by entering your email. Also, you are free to unsubscribe whenever you want.

Visit to subscribe to the newsletter. Enter your email address in the given space and click on Subscribe. You will receive your confirmation email immediately to congratulate you on joining their global subscriber base. You may also choose the "let me read it first" option to look at recent newsletters before subscribing. But, honestly, you will love them!

PS: My Honest Review of International Intrigue Newsletter

International Intrigue has become my favorite in no time as it allows you to delve into the global political demographics without scanning multiple pages of newspapers. This newsletter comes from experts, which makes it legitimate and authentic. Each story contains a brief description of the news followed by The Intrigue's take to help you understand politics better.

It is the ideal newsletter for anyone who wants to learn about politics without prior knowledge. The graphs and images make it even easier to understand. The best part is that it is free, and you can subscribe to it in one click only. The newsletter will land in your email five days a week to ensure you do not miss any important news. Subscribe to the newsletter for a fresh dose of political analysis every day in the morning!

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