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Jack's Flight Club newsletter is an email newsletter that uses flight deal alerts to help you to find ridiculously cheap flights. Last year, Jack’s Flight Club subscribers saved almost £30 Million on airfare through their deals. There are over 2,200,000 members of this popular newsletter around the globe.


  • Jack’s Flight Club newsletter is recommended by The Sun and iNews. So contrary to other crappy newsletters, there's no doubt about the authenticity of Jack’s Flight Club.
  • Not just flight alerts, this newsletter also sends you other travel-related content. And the best part? It's absolutely free to join.
  • Additionally, Jack’s Flight Club team had helped on an individual basis when someone was trying to get home to a sick relative.


  • Most of the deals offered by Jack’s Flight Club newsletter require adjusting one's travel date with the deal.
  • Further, if subscribers don't act quickly enough they may miss out on the last minute deals.

What is Jack’s Flight Club Newsletter about? 

Jack’s Flight Club Newsletter is all about flight hacking ninja techniques. They look for the cheapest flight deals around the globe and forward it to you. For example, Bali for £189 or Peru for just £212.

Besides sending really, reaaally cheap flight tips to your inbox depending on your email program, the newsletter also has instructions of how to book on the respective airline's site. This is a big plus point for older people and starters.

The newsletter structure of Jack’s Flight Club Newsletter

If you’re looking for cheap airfare alerts, Jack’s Flight Club is the newsletter you need to sign up to.

On average, free members of the Jack’s Flight Club Newsletter

receive 6-8 email alerts per month. Whilst the premium subscribers receive over 25-40 tips per month. They also have “Weekend Trips” alerts, and more deals for paid subscribers.

Is it free or paid? 

Unlike other newsletters, Jack’s Flight Club is free to join! But they also have a paid premium membership. 

Subscribers of the premium version will gain access to:

  • all the tips they could find, which is 4 times more than the free version, and
  • the exclusive “Weekend Trips” alerts.

My Honest Review of Jack’s Flight Club Newsletter 

Getting cheap last minute flight deals is really about timing and luck. Oftentimes, airlines of East Asia drop their prices during Western holidays because of low demand by local passengers. 

So, if you're from Europe or North America, and have plans to travel to Asia or Australia, these are your chances to grab the cheapest flight possible. But not everyone knows how to find these types of deals and it can be daunting and time consuming to find these deals.

Fortunately for you, there is the Jack’s Flight Club newsletter. As the name suggests, the newsletter is all about finding the cheapest flights possible for its subscribers. They monitor sudden price drops or an error fare on every route by every airline and send you the relevant deals via their newsletter.

Over 2.2 million people are already benefiting out of it. Sign up for their newsletter and never pay full fare again!

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