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Lenny’s newsletter has made its place among the most popular business newsletter, and if you are wondering “why,” the Lenny’s Newsletter review tells you the tale!


  • Detailed pieces
  • Easily skimmable
  • Easy to read Lenny's newsletter.
  • Very insightful especially for paid subscribers.


  • Less content for free subscribers

Lenny’s newsletter is one of the best newsletters in business targeted to people working in product development. The author, Lenny Rachitsky, created this newsletter based on his years of experience and research. He talks about products, growth, and people management.

What is Lenny's Newsletter about?

Lenny Rachitsky created the weekly Lenny newsletter to advise people about products, growth, people management, and everything else critical to a business. He shares beneficial insights from his experience and learning. He makes it easy for businesses to maintain a healthy working environment and retain people to benefit the company in the long run.

Lenny mentions testing different ideas and mediums before diving into growth and people management. His newsletter provides value to the readers, making it a favorite in much less time. He started focusing on providing valuable information to engage more people.

The Newsletter Structure of the Lenny’s Newsletter

Lenny's newsletter has a fairly simple structure, like many other business and finance newsletters, focusing on a trending story or problem with his unique stance. He often also shares interviews with the best in the business and answers popular questions from the subscribers. 

The newsletter begins with an introductory sentence mentioning if it is a free version or a subscriber-only piece.

Next, without much here and there, Lenny jumps directly to the main content, whether it's a subscriber question-based answer, an interview, or something he wants to share. The content is carefully broken into different paragraphs and formats to make it easily readable. The newsletter has abundant images to help you understand better.

The newsletter ends with a farewell greeting by Lenny till the next edition arrives.

What topics does Lenny’s Newsletter cover?

Lenny's newsletter covers three main topics: growth, product, and startup. It helps you regulate your business more effectively by managing the people and product development according to their needs.

It provides information about many topics, such as improving retention, conversion, positioning, pricing, winning at SEO, etc. It also gives you insights into becoming a product manager, including the habits of successful product managers and what they should know about engineering. To offer detailed information about the newsletter's topics in this Lenny’s newsletter review, it is important to mention that the newsletter also covers topics based on planning, kick-starting a marketplace business, and finding customers for your business.

Is it free or paid?

Lenny’s newsletter offers free and paid subscriptions for readers. You can get the free version on the website, allowing you to access one email a month.

At the same time, the paid subscription costs $15, in which you get two emails weekly, every Tuesday and Friday. Other perks of the paid subscription to Lenny's newsletter include a full archive and a private paid-subscriber community. It also allows you to attend Zoom sessions and arrange community meetups with other subscribers in your region.

Visit Lenny’s newsletter website to find the archives, podcast, community, and the subscription CTA on the top right; or click on the subscription link here directly and enter your email to become a part of the community. 

It might seem extravagant to pay %15 per month for 4 – 8 emails, but Lenny delivers value for money. He gives his readers everything they are looking for. Through subscriptions, Lenny makes around $2 million annually; showing how much people love the content.

PS: My Honest Review of the Lenny’s Newsletter

Lenny's newsletter is one of the most popular business newsletters, with over 330,000 subscribers globally. It focuses on product development and people management while sharing useful advice on growth. Most subscribers love the newsletter because it allows them to learn from the best in the industry and experience better growth.

Though it costs a little, I loved that the newsletter delivers what it promises to. Most people believe they can get all the information on Google instead of paying for a subscription. You may find a large chunk of related information, but Lenny's insights into the industry based on his experience are unmatched. Similarly, you might also not get interviews of many top-tier business professionals Lenny covers anywhere else. This Lenny’s newsletter review might feel biased, but we can't just help being happy with the content he offers.

So, if you are looking for a newsletter that delivers value and helps you grow as a product manager or businessperson, subscribe to Lenny’s newsletter right away!

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