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If you are interested in American history and politics, you might have heard of Letters From an American, a daily newsletter written by Heather Cox Richardson, a professor of history at Boston College.


  • Free to subscribe
  • Informative, insightful, and well-written
  • Educational and enlightening
  • Historical analysis


  • Long and Lengthy
  • Opinionated and critical

But what is it all about?

In this newsletter, Richardson analyzes the current events in the US from a historical perspective, drawing parallels and contrasts with the past. She also provides context and background information that helps readers understand the bigger picture, the implications of what is happening in the country, and how it relates to the past and future.

So, is Letters from an American worth subscribing to? What are the pros and cons of reading this newsletter, and what can you expect from it?

In this review, I have answered all these questions with my honest opinion about the newsletter.

What is Letters From an American about?

Letters From an American is a daily newsletter that covers current events in American politics from a historical perspective. Richardson analyzes the actions and statements of political leaders, the media, and the public and connects them to the larger themes and patterns of American history. She aims to provide a balanced and factual account of what is happening in the country without taking sides or pushing an agenda. She also tries to highlight the positive aspects of American democracy, despite its frequent failures.

You can follow Richardson on Facebook or Twitter, where she posts excerpts or highlights from her newsletters.

The Newsletter Structure of Letters From an American

The newsletter follows a consistent structure in every edition:

  • Letters From an American Newsletter begins with a catchy title summarizing the main theme or message.
  • It has an eye-catching picture followed by a brief introduction, setting the tone and context for the rest of the newsletter.
  • Next, the main body covers several topics related to the theme or the message of the newsletter's current edition.
  • Moving towards the end, a conclusion wraps up the edition with a final remark or call to action.
  • In the end, the newsletter has a list of sources and references that support the claims made in the letter.
  • Finally, the last part of the letter includes a signature that identifies the author and invites readers to share or comment on the masterpiece.

What topics does Letters From an American cover?

Letters From an American covers a wide range of topics related to American history and politics, such as the US Constitution and democracy, in which the author explains how the founding principles and values of the US have shaped its political system and culture, as well as how they have been challenged or threatened by various forces or events over time.

She also explores how the US can preserve or improve its democracy in the face of current crises or challenges. Additionally, the newsletter also covers the topics like "US government and institutions," in which Richardson examines how the different branches and levels of government work (or don't work) together, as well as how they interact with other actors or entities in the society, such as the media, the corporations, the courts, etc.

The newsletter evaluates how the government responds to or addresses various issues or problems that affect the country or its people. Lastly, it includes topics like social movements and civil rights issues. The author’s expertise in history enables her to compare current political affairs with the past and provide the reader with a better understanding of the topic.

Is it free or paid?

The newsletter is free for anyone who wants to read it online or receive it by email. You can subscribe with your email address on Substack and access all the previous newsletters.

However, she also offers a paid subscription option for those who want to support her work financially or access some extra features. For $5 per month or $50 per year, paid subscribers can:

  • Comment on each edition and join discussions with other subscribers.
  • Receive occasional bonus editions with exclusive content or interviews.
  • Request topics or questions for Richardson to address in future editions.
  • Get early access to Richardson's upcoming book projects.

PS: My Honest Review of Letters From an American Newsletter

As a professional newsletter reviewer, I have read many newsletters on various topics and genres. I have to say that Letters From an American is one of my favorites. I find it informative, insightful, well-written, timely, relevant, educational, enlightening, balanced, and fair. I also appreciate that it is free to subscribe to. It can be long and dense sometimes, which might deter some readers who prefer shorter or simpler newsletters. It can also be critical, which might annoy some readers with different views or values than Richardson.

But overall, I think Letters From an American is a valuable source of information and analysis for anyone who wants to learn more about American history and politics. It helps me understand what is happening in the US today from a historical perspective. It also challenges me to think critically about my opinions and perspectives on various issues.

If you are interested in American history and politics, I highly recommend subscribing to Letters From an American. You won't regret it.

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