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Market Brief is a popular daily newsletter that offers digestible financial news. It helps mostly the usual investors who want to stay updated about the current investing methods. They will also learn about how business and finance affect them daily.


  • Easy to read the content.
  • Engaging insights about the finance world.
  • Suitable for traditional investors.


  • The content of the newsletter is not published on their website.
  • Sometimes it takes more than five minutes to finish the newsletter.

What is the Market Brief Newsletter? 

Market Brief is a popular daily newsletter that offers digestible financial news. It helps mostly the usual investors who want to stay updated about the current investing methods. They will also find out information about how business and finance affect them every day.

Market brief mostly helps retail investors by providing updates about stock market news, cryptocurrency updates, real estate changes, and the global economy.

Market Brief has a group of skilled writers who are working day and night to research and create a bite-sized newsletter for the readers. The newsletter has more than 100,000 subscribers who are mostly retail investors. With its helpful services, Market Brief is successfully gaining more subscribers day by day.

The newsletter structure of Market Brief 

It is a five-minute read newsletter that delivers easy-to-understand materials for the investors around us.

  • The newsletter starts with a header stating its name ‘Market Brief.’
  • Then you will read a daily welcoming message with an optimistic quote for the day. This part will also include last night’s finance updates.
  • Then it will dive directly into the daily financial updates and news. There will be around 4-5 headers containing that day’s top financial news.
  • Every section will have an elaborate discussion about how the sector is doing. There will be one image in each section.
  • At the end of every section, you will read information regarding stocks, economic statistics, etc.
  • In between the sections, there will be one or two sponsored ads with a visual and a few details about it.
  • At the end, you will see a default message from the Marketing Brief team.

Is it free or paid?

The Marketing Brief daily newsletter is free to subscribe to. Before, there was a time when people had to pay to get their favorite newspapers to learn about the world of finance. Fortunately, this daily informative piece covers all the current financial updates that are necessary for investors.

People who are into the stock market, crypto, and real estate may not have enough time to go through every news around them on a regular basis. But this free subscription to Marketing Brief will act as a savior for them as it will do the heavy lifting of sorting through the top financial news. 

Who is behind this newsletter? 

Jaspreet Singh is the founder of the Marketing Brief newsletter. He is the owner of Brief Market which has launched the newsletter. His intention behind creating this daily newsletter was to educate the regular investors about the insightful updates on market shifting.

Surprisingly, Jaspreet doesn’t come from a finance background. He was a student of law. He himself was interested in investment but found out that there were some significant flaws in the market. He thought that people needed to have a quicker route to learn about what was going on in the realm of finance. That’s why he decided to create the newsletter after the Brief Market became a success.

Is the Marketing Brief Newsletter Legit?

Of course, the Marketing Brief newsletter is legit and provides authentic information about finance. The writers of this newsletter do extensive research on everyday investment statistics. They track and gather daily factual insights so that the readers can get updates from a five-minute newsletter every morning.

The Marketing Brief tries to deliver insights into a plethora of topics with its brief synopsis. There are many new investors who can benefit from reading this newsletter as they don’t have to comb through the lengthy process of data analysis. Instead, only subscribing to the newsletter will be enough for them to create a successful investment portfolio.

Who reads the Market Brief newsletter?

According to the founder of Marketing Brief, this newsletter is for all traditional investors. It will especially benefit those who want to succeed and know when to change their investment approaches without following what everyone is doing.

Readers who follow the newsletter usually are from the stock market, crypto, and real estate. This newsletter guides them in their investment and business decisions. Through this insightful digestible financial piece, readers get to learn about the economic situation, company performance, and general trends in the financial markets. The subscribers can stay confident while making decisions even when the market is volatile.

Marketing Brief Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The readers only say positive things about the Marketing Brief newsletter. Many of them stated their appreciation towards the team of writers who work diligently to build a regular finance guide for investors.

Multiple positive reviews said that readers don’t think of this as an average newsletter. The simple narrations of the complex financial updates and the delivery with a touch of humor has already left a mark on the mind of more than 100,000 readers. People like that it is an easy-to-read newsletter compared to many other complex guides. 

My Honest Review of the Marketing Brief Newsletter

Personally, I like the initiative Marketing Brief has taken to guide regular investors with just a free subscription. The newsletter is very detail-oriented and tracks the daily updates of the finance market. In just a few minutes, I could find out all the top trending news about the stock market, crypto, and real estate.

The information was organized with necessary advice about the market. I will give five stars to customer support. They replied to me back in just a few minutes and solved my query which usually doesn’t happen with other newsletters.

I only found one flaw in their system which is that they prefer sending the newsletter only by email. I think the readers would appreciate it more if the content of the newsletters were published on the website as well. Overall, for investors, it is a good read and great addition.

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