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A newsletter about Tarot reading that helps you with mental health by reading Tarot. This is an amazing newsletter for all the Tarot reading and the mental health community.


  • This newsletter provides insights to mental health with the use of tarot insights and other tricks. 
  • The author of this newsletter Miriam Rachel, is not just a tarot card reader but an astrologer as well. 
  • The newsletter allows the users to have one free tarot class so they can have a better understanding of the card and what this means about themselves.


  • Subscribers not interested in astrology or tarot might find this newsletter boring.
  • There is no back up of any scientific knowledge. 

What is Miriam Reads Tarot about? 

Miriam Reads Tarot is a weekly newsletter, as they themselves explain, this newsletter is focused on giving insights regarding mental health by the help of tarot and some other fun tips and tricks. This newsletter is available om substack and already has 100 of subscribers. Authored by an astrologist, this is a fun newsletter. 

The newsletter structure of Miriam Reads Tarot 

The structure of the newsletter Miriam Reads Tarot is similar to the typical newsletter structure. It opens with a welcoming message and usually has an introduction. Since the newsletter itself covers a wide range of topics, such as astrology, tarot reading, self-improvement and even spirituality, the main context of the newsletter differs. After the introduction the problem is discussed or if the newsletter is focused on teaching tips, the main body has a detailed explanation of those.

There is mostly a concluding line or paragraph and the end and this is followed by the link to the podcast or other related topics. 

Is it free or paid? 

The website of Miriam Reads Tarot is free. Miriam Reads Tarot newsletter also provides the subscribers with one free tarot class. The website has all the articles and the archives as well that users can see and read the older published articles from. 

My Honest Review of Miriam Reads Tarot

This newsletter has a very unique way of looking into mental health. Whereas in some parts of the world there is still taboo associated with openly talking about mental health, this newsletter very light heartedly provides insights and the way to cope up with the poor mental health. I believe this newsletter is a great resource for the people looking to improve their tarot understanding.

This newsletter has no evidence of science or no scientific explanation backing it up, so for some viewers who are critical might find it, not very interesting and trustworthy. Overall I feel that Miriam Rachel being a mental health advocate herself has very uniquely presented the element of mental health in her newsletter. This is a very interesting newsletter and has more than 100 subscribers.

They offer a free tarot class that is very informative and useful for the ones looking to understand tarot. In my opinion, it is for sure worth a try. 

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