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In a world where staying informed is crucial, newsletters have become an increasingly popular way to explore various topics of interest. One such newsletter that has caught the attention of many is "Natural Selections" by Heather Heying. In this blog post, we will provide an in-depth review of the newsletter, highlighting its pros and cons and shedding light on what readers can expect from this fascinating publication.


  • "Natural Selections" offers a captivating exploration of diverse subjects, appealing to readers with varied interests.
  • Heying's unique perspective provides deeper insights into the interconnectedness of life, fostering a greater understanding of our natural world.
  • The newsletter encourages evidence-based thinking and critical evaluation, promoting scientific literacy among its readers.


  • Some readers may desire more frequent content or a variety of media formats.
  • The scientific nature of the topics occasionally leads to the use of technical language, which might pose a challenge for those without a scientific background.

What are the Natural Selections by Heather Heying Newsletter about?

"Natural Selections" by Heather Heying is a captivating newsletter exploring the evolution world. Heying covers a broad range of topics through an evolutionary lens, connecting different species and uncovering the forces that have shaped life on Earth. The newsletter delves into form and function, behavior and culture, and the complexities of sexual selection. With accessible essays, Heying engagingly presents scientific concepts, promoting evidence-based thinking and scientific literacy. "Natural Selections" aims to inspire curiosity, foster a deeper understanding of the natural world, and provide a fresh perspective on evolution's impact. It's a must-read for biology enthusiasts and curious minds alike.

Who is the Founder of the Natural Selections by Heather Heying Newsletter?

Heather Heying, the visionary scientist, and educator, is the brilliant mind behind "Natural Selections." With her academic background and extensive research experience, Heying brings expertise to the newsletter. Her passion for evolutionary biology and commitment to making science accessible and engaging shine through in every issue.

Heying's dedication to sharing knowledge and fostering scientific literacy is evident throughout "Natural Selections." By providing thought-provoking content and presenting complex ideas in an approachable manner, she invites readers from all backgrounds to join her in exploring the marvels of evolution and its influence on our lives.

Topics Covered in Natural Selections By Heather Heying Newsletter

"Natural Selections" by Heather Heying explores the vast realm of evolutionary biology, encompassing a wide array of captivating topics. From the intricate world of viruses to the intricate web of ecosystems, from the fascinating behaviors of humans and other animals to the patterns of biodiversity, this newsletter offers a comprehensive exploration of the natural world.

Readers can expect to delve into the mechanisms of evolution, uncover the adaptive traits that have shaped various species, and gain insights into our evolutionary heritage's cultural and societal implications. Heying's essays cover form and function, behavior and culture, and sex and science, offering a multidimensional understanding of the intricate tapestry of life on Earth.

Structure of Natural Selections By Heather Heying Newsletter

The "Natural Selections" structure ensures subscribers a seamless and engaging reading experience. Every Tuesday, subscribers receive concise and insightful essays directly in their inboxes. Authored by Heather Heying, these essays combine scientific rigor with accessible language, catering to readers from diverse backgrounds.

While free subscribers can enjoy the written content, paying subscribers receive additional benefits. They can access audio recordings of the essays, allowing for a more immersive and auditory exploration of the topics. By offering different formats, "Natural Selections" accommodates various learning styles, enabling readers to engage with the material in a way that resonates with them the most.

How Do Natural Selections By Heather Heying Newsletter Make Money?

"Natural Selections" adopts a freemium model to sustain its operations. The core content, including the written essays, is accessible to all subscribers without any cost. However, the newsletter offers additional perks and features to paying subscribers who choose to support the publication financially. By subscribing as a paid member, individuals gain exclusive benefits such as audio recordings of the essays. 

The audio format allows subscribers to listen to Heather Heying's insightful narratives, bringing the essays to life more immersively. Moreover, paying subscribers may also receive special perks or occasional bonus content as a token of appreciation for their support.

The freemium approach adopted by "Natural Selections" ensures that the newsletter remains accessible to a wide audience while offering additional value to those who contribute financially. It allows readers to engage with the content in various formats and support the ongoing production of thought-provoking essays.

My Honest Opinion of Natural Selections By Heather Heying Newsletter

As a reviewer, I find "Natural Selections" an exceptionally enriching and intellectually stimulating newsletter. Heather Heying's evolutionary approach to various subjects sets the publication apart from others in its genre. Each essay is crafted with a balance of scientific rigor and accessible language, making complex concepts understandable to readers with diverse backgrounds.

What truly stands out in "Natural Selections" is Heather Heying's expertise and passion for the subject matter. Her deep knowledge and enthusiasm shine through in every piece, creating a captivating reading experience. Whether exploring the intricate interplay between form and function or delving into the behavioral patterns shaped by evolution, Heying's unique perspective fosters a greater understanding of our world.

While "Natural Selections" offers a wealth of knowledge and thought-provoking insights, it is worth mentioning that the frequency of updates may be a slight drawback for some readers. As the newsletter is published weekly, readers eager for more frequent content might find themselves longing for additional essays or supplementary materials. Additionally, due to the scientific nature of the topics covered, occasional technical language can pose a challenge for readers without a scientific background. However, Heying's ability to present complex ideas in a relatable manner largely mitigates this issue.

Overall, I believe "Natural Selections" is a valuable resource for curious minds seeking to explore the wonders of evolution and its impact on various aspects of life. The quality of the content, coupled with the opportunity to engage with scientific thinking, makes this newsletter a worthwhile addition to one's reading list. 

Natural Selections By Heather Heying Final Verdict

"Natural Selections" by Heather Heying offers readers an exciting journey through the intricacies of evolution and its impact on our world. With a broad range of topics, a unique perspective, and a commitment to scientific rigor, this newsletter provides a valuable resource for those seeking to deepen their understanding of the natural world. While it may have minor drawbacks, the overall experience and the opportunity to engage with scientific thinking make "Natural Selections" a worthwhile addition to your reading list.

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