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In the vast landscape of business newsletters, it's rare to find one that seamlessly combines informative analysis, captivating pop culture references, and a touch of humor. However, NotBoring manages to achieve just that.


  • The blend of analysis, pop culture, and humor keeps readers entertained while learning.
  • The newsletter offers fresh and unconventional takes on business strategy, providing valuable insights.
  • NotBoring covers a wide range of subjects, ensuring there's something for everyone.
  • Packy's writing style is engaging, making complex topics accessible and enjoyable to read.


  • Some readers may find it inconvenient that the newsletters are not delivered in full but require visiting the website to continue reading.
  • While the newsletter provides valuable content, the bi-weekly schedule may not be suitable for readers seeking more frequent updates.

And today, we will be visiting the newsletter and providing you with the information and our honest opinion about it.

What is the NotBoring newsletter about?

It's not your typical business newsletter, NotBoring. It goes beyond the traditional approach and offers a refreshing take on business strategy, trends, and events. While it may not replace a formal MBA program, NotBoring is a more enjoyable and accessible alternative. Its content is a delightful blend of analysis, pop culture references, frameworks, and humor, making it a unique and engaging resource for readers. By breaking down complex business concepts into digestible and relatable pieces, NotBoring aims to give its audience a fresh perspective on the business world.

Who is the founder of the NotBoring newsletter?

The mastermind behind the NotBoring newsletter is none other than Packy McCormick. With his insightful and captivating writing style, Packy has gained a loyal following of readers eagerly anticipating each issue. His ability to connect seemingly unrelated topics and draw meaningful insights has garnered praise and admiration within the business and technology communities. As the founder of NotBoring, Packy brings his passion for business strategy and his knack for storytelling to deliver a truly unique reading experience.

What topics does the NotBoring newsletter cover?

NotBoring casts a wide net when it comes to the topics it covers. Each newsletter dives deep into various aspects of business strategy and trends, offering readers a diverse range of thought-provoking content. From dissecting the strategies of tech companies to exploring the intersection of pop culture and business decisions, NotBoring leaves no stone unturned. Whether you're interested in understanding the latest industry trends, uncovering the secrets of successful companies, or exploring the impact of cultural phenomena on business, NotBoring has something for everyone. Its eclectic mix of topics ensures readers from different backgrounds and interests can find value and relevance in every issue.

Website structure of the NotBoring newsletter

The NotBoring newsletter has recently expanded to include a dedicated homepage, providing a central hub for the community to connect and grow. The website offers easy access to past newsletters, additional content, and resources, making it convenient for subscribers to explore the archive and engage with the material.

Website structure of the NotBoring newsletter

The NotBoring newsletter has recently expanded its online presence by introducing a dedicated homepage. This addition serves as a central hub, allowing subscribers to access a wealth of valuable content and resources. The homepage provides easy navigation to past newsletters, enabling readers to explore the archive and revisit previous insights. It also offers supplemental range and interactive elements that encourage a sense of community and encourages participation among subscribers.

What makes the NotBoring newsletter different?

NotBoring stands out amidst the sea of newsletters by adopting a distinctive approach and style. While many business publications tend to be dry and formulaic, NotBoring injects a breath of fresh air with its incorporation of pop culture references and humor. This unique blend infuses the analysis and insights with an element of entertainment, making complex concepts more accessible and engaging. By bridging the gap between business strategy and popular culture, NotBoring captivates readers and creates a dynamic reading experience that is both informative and enjoyable.

How does the NotBoring newsletter make money?

The NotBoring newsletter operates on multiple fronts to sustain its growth and ensure its continued delivery of high-quality content. While the newsletter itself is freely accessible, the brand has expanded its revenue streams through NotBoring Capital and the Talent Collective. NotBoring Capital engages in strategic investments, supporting companies with compelling narratives and helping to amplify their stories. This investment arm serves as a complementary extension of the newsletter's mission to uncover and analyze emerging trends. Additionally, the Talent Collective serves as a platform for job seekers and hirers, facilitating connections within the NotBoring community. These innovative approaches to monetization provide financial support and foster a thriving ecosystem that enhances the overall value and reach of the NotBoring brand.

My honest opinion about the NotBoring newsletter

As a passionate observer of business strategy and trends, I must admit that the NotBoring newsletter has captivated me. The blend of analysis, pop culture references, and humor set it apart in the crowded landscape of business newsletters.

Packy, the founder, effortlessly connects seemingly unrelated topics, creating a unique learning experience. Each issue surprises me with its range of engaging topics, from deep dives into company strategies to thought-provoking analyses of emerging trends.

The incorporation of pop culture references adds relatability, making complex concepts accessible. Despite minor drawbacks like occasional website reading, the overall experience is undeniably positive.

NotBoring Newsletter Wrap Up

The NotBoring newsletter offers a fun and insightful way to explore the world of business strategy and trends. Its engaging content, diverse topics, and unique style make it a valuable resource for those seeking an alternative to traditional business publications. While it has its minor drawbacks, such as the newsletter format and frequency, the pros far outweigh the cons. If you're looking for a newsletter that will inform, entertain, and challenge your perspective, NotBoring is definitely worth subscribing to.

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