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Ohmyrockness is a newsletter that raises excitement about the ongoing concerts for the concert freaks. It provides information about upcoming shows and bands in cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.


It contains comprehensive music coverage of concerts, bands, album releases, and festivals in the independent music scene as well.

·        It is a one-stop source for all music lovers who need to get all of their information instantly.

·        It contains curated recommendations for must-see concerts. The newsletter contains information on all the must-see concerts and up-and-coming bands with notable album releases as well. Readers can benefit from the wide variety and range of different music recommendations.

·        The community engagement section increases interaction between music fans and allows them to contribute to the newsletter as well. This creates an engaging experience.

·        Helps discover new music through increased information about new artists and bands with links to their albums or songs.


    There is limited scope as the newsletter mostly focuses on the independent music scene. This might be appealing to some people, but most readers like mainstream music better.

·        Since the focus is mainly on events and concerts in specific areas, as mentioned earlier, we can say some regional bias occurs. Hence, people located outside the specific cities might not find the newsletter useful, due to it targeting a specific niche.

·        Spamming the inbox with continuous emails might overwhelm the readers. The frequency of the newsletter is usually high which has the capability of overwhelming or annoying the subscribers.

·        The subjectivity of the recommendations should be kept in mind. The insights and options provided might not suit the reader as much as it suits the author of the article or newsletter. It is important to customize each subscriber’s newsletter according to their taste and choice in music, bands, or specific authors.

Subscription to this newsletter means you've got the ultimate source of information for the best concerts and music events in the area. If you're a fan of punk, hip-hop, rock, or any genre, this newsletter is the way to go! It caters to all major genres and posts updates on their happenings.

Ohmyrockness delivers doses of excitement every week, directly to your inbox.

What does it offer?

If you sign up for OhMyRockness, you’ll receive the following:

·        Show announcements

·        Band profiles

·        Intros

·        Band profiles

Structure of the Newsletter

·        Introduction: The Ohmyrockness newsletter's structure varies from different additions, but typically, it includes the Introduction, which contains a warm welcome. It further includes trusted information from a credible source, based on any concerts, bands, or music events that are ongoing.

·        Features Concerts: The second section ‘Features Concerts’ highlights all upcoming concerts with potential dates and venues.

·        News Bands section: In the spotlight on the 'New bands section', you'll find emerging bands and their information along with links to their music. This helps music lovers discover all new types of bands and music.

·        Album releases: The album releases sections contain album releases and feature established and new bands.

·        Features festivals: This section highlights the excitement to come with attending the most happening concerts or festivals in the area. This includes the date and venue of the festivals as well.

·        Community engagement: The community engagement part of the newsletter helps the readers interact with each other as well as the author.

·        Conclusion: Conclusively, the newsletter ends with an overview of the information provided.

Personal experience with ohmyrockness newsletter

A subscriber shares a wholesome story, in which ohmyrockness plays a part. The couple met over an album mix-up and started dating after a few months. They used ohmyrockness to find out about small shows and any up-and-coming bands. Ohmyrockness is described as a fun and helpful source that contributes to excitement through which the music community grows.

Features of Ohmyrockness newsletter

Through the newsletter, you can find the list of best indie rock shows happening in cities like NY, Chicago, or LA. You can find out the name of the bands and the price of the tickets as well. Moreover, it enables customization of your personal experience through the Website app's built-in feature called 'My Rockness'.

Through ohmyrockness, you can pick your bands, and save them and their latest tracks. You can get new concert alerts through emails and shows are added to the site as well. You can customize your show list and add the dates to your concert calendar.

Free or paid?

Ohmyrockness offers a free newsletter to its subscribers with unlimited emails providing information based on new and old events along. The subscribers also receive information on the date and venue of each event taking place, along with the pricing of tickets.

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