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The Parent Data Newsletter is a parental guide that is very informative and has become very popular in a few years. It has achieved 1000,000+ subscribers by now and is targeting to gain more daily.


  • Very informative for parents. 
  • Most topic shows relatable situations 
  • You can customize your subscription


  • Not entirely free 
  • Not a daily newsletter

What is the Parent Data Newsletter?


The Parent Data Newsletter is a parental guide that is very informative and has become very popular in a few years. It has achieved 1000,000+ subscribers by now and is targeting to gain more daily. 

The newsletter is bi-weekly and makes sure to create relatable content where people can find relevancy and solutions to their parenting problems together. Parent Data differs from other newsletters in the market as it believes that even parents can solve their complicated problems with the help of data-driven facts, tools, and resources. 

The newsletter does heavy research and uses tools, quizzes, podcasts, etc., to create a piece that delivers resourceful materials and helps parents make decisions. From pregnant parents to all other parents, everyone can experience highly beneficial service through the help of the Parent Data newsletter. 

The newsletter structure of the Parent Data 

The structure of the Parent Data newsletter is quite basic. It just delivers one blog per post. 

  • The newsletter starts with a small header stating the name of the topic it will discuss that day. It could be anything like- babies, adults, pregnancy, etc. 
  • Then, you will see the main big header with a big font stating the name of that day's discussed topic. 
  • After that, there will be one or two lines in a smaller font explaining a little bit of detail about the issue. 
  • Next, at the bottom left, you will see the date and the name of the author. 
  • Then, the blog will start with an intro and will describe what parents usually face about a particular problem and how it can be solved. If you are a free subscriber, some of the blogs might not be accessible to you. 
  • The following section will talk about some important issues parents face regarding that day’s discussed topic. 
  • Then, every section will be elaborately discussed later, one by one. In between, you will see insightful queries, useful approaches to solving the issue, expectations and results, etc. 

Is it free or paid?  

The Parent Data newsletter isn't entirely a free service. The free subscription will offer you two newsletters per week. On Mondays and Thursdays, you will get emails containing two articles discussing various topics. It could be anything like early parenthood issues or pregnancy struggling days. 

The paid subscription will cost you $6 per month. You will have access to monthly AMA threads, weekly Q&A sessions, and some very important articles related to parenthood. 

Along with so many free subscribers, the newsletter has managed to achieve around 1.5k paid subscribers by now. With the real-life parenthood struggle, many parents feel overwhelmed and pressured. For them, the Parent Data newsletter works as a life savior. 

Who is behind this newsletter? 

Emily Oster is the person behind the Parent Data newsletter. She is a famous writer who has written books on pregnancy and parenting, which have received much praise. She was named TIME 100 list of the most influential people in the world. 

Emily is a mother of two, which is why she knows how challenging it can be to raise a child at a time of pandemic and other occurring issues. The intention behind creating the newsletter is that she wanted to create a place where she could offer help to the parents with suggestions and data-based answers. 

After a while, many parents claimed that they had received instant relief by reading Emily’s Parent Data newsletter. 

Is the Parent Data Newsletter Legit?  

Of course, the newsletter is legit and gives authentic information. The author writes every article from personal experiences and offers many easy solutions through her data-driven research. 

Any pregnant woman knows how difficult the journey is for her, and to make that easier, the author tries her best to give relatable scenarios and question the common parenting rules. 

She analyses current events and goes through all the research papers and studies to offer an impactful solution with the help of data. Because of the newsletter’s authenticity, it has become a go-to guide for many parents who want to ace their parenting skills. 

Who reads the Parent Data newsletter? 

The sole readers of the Parent Data newsletter are the parents who are struggling while carrying their children or raising them. 

Today’s parents try their best to put their assumptions away and try to learn ways to handle the parenting experience. That's why we have seen that most readers of the Parent Data newsletter are usually the ones struggling to find ideas on how to raise their kid or carry a smooth pregnancy. 

Some parents want to be smart and live their lives without sacrificing so many things to raise their children. This newsletter brings them hands-on solutions through its extensive research skills. 

The Parent Data Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter? 

Readers think that Emily has created a masterpiece through the Parent Data newsletter. There are so many young parents who go through regular hassles. For them, the Parent Data newsletter works like a charm. 

Many parents stated that they found thousands of books and journals related to parenting, and it is impossible to explore them all at once. That’s why the Parent Data is gaining so much praise as they focus mostly on infants, toddlers, and teenagers, and how to motivate the kids, nutrition, etc. 

Many pregnant readers have given positive reviews to this newsletter since they could get personalized assistance from it throughout their pregnancy. 

My Honest Review of the Parent Data Newsletter 

Being a parent is the most challenging job as I am a parent myself. I know how worried we feel at times regarding the most trivial parenting questions. For that reason, I would say that Emily Oster’s Parent Data newsletter has done a great job by creating such a platform where any parents could get the help they need before making any decision regarding their kids. 

I like that this newsletter has multiple subscription options, and there are no scams. People can really benefit from the paid subscription service as well. 

I also like how responsive the platform is. It has answered my questions and given me solutions very fast through email, which we don’t usually get from other common parenting newsletters.

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