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The Please Clap newsletter which is an extension of award for good boys, seeks to explain why we clap for people doing the least and gives honest recommendations of music, writing, and arts worthy of applause.


  • As a paid subscriber, you get to see the author’s works.
  • The newsletter discusses relatable issues.
  • Through its content, it helps reduce the satisfaction and comfort readers get from the bare minimum.


  • Only paid subscribers get to see the author’s works.
  • The newsletter doesn’t have a regular publication pattern as episodes are sometimes, far-spaced.

What is Please Clap Newsletter? 

The Please Clap newsletter which is an extension of award for good boys, seeks to explain why we clap for people doing the least and gives honest recommendations of music, writing, and arts worthy of applause. The newsletter started out as an Instagram account where she portrayed men as seeking praise for being ‘good boys’. In this newsletter, Shelby uses her famous drawings as a tool for analyzing modern dating, internet dramas, and the online world in general.

Please Clap Newsletter

The newsletter structure of Please Clap 

The Please Clap newsletter is structured in a very simple way that makes it easy to read. It starts with the title and date, and then an interesting introduction follows. After the introduction, the subject issue is discussed with pictures in between the newsletter. 

Then, there are links to other useful resources, books, or articles. Next is a picture of the author’s dog which she sometimes adds as stickers. After this is the closing remark, an option to upgrade your subscription and the comment section.

Is it free or paid? 

The Please Clap newsletter is both free and paid.  The newsletter has three payment options; the monthly option for $5, the annual option for $50 yearly or $4.17 monthly, and the best boy option for above $50 yearly. The free newsletter only comes with the Friday free posts with reading suggestions and commentary. 

The monthly payment option comes with access to the full archive and new essays, exclusive things the author cannot post in public, as well as new cartoons and old photos of her dog. The advantages of the annual payment method are the same as that of the monthly payment option but it comes at a 17% discount. The added advantage of the best boy option is that the writer will simp for you or send you a drawing. 

Who is behind this Please Clap Newsletter? 

The creator of the Please Clap newsletter is Shelby Lorman, who is also the creator of the awardforgoodboys Instagram account. She is also a writer and cartoonist who writes about modern dating, and the reality we live in. 

Shelby started the Pleae Clap newsletter to investigate why humans settle for the bare minimum and applaud people for doing the least while ignoring those who do the most.  She also uses the newsletter as a platform for sharing things she cares about.

Is Please Clap Newsletter Legit? 

Written by a credible author and owner of the Award for Good Boys, the newsletter is legit as it seeks to provide insight as to why humans will rather settle for less, as well as inform its readers on the effects this decision can have on our lives. The newsletter also discusses the human world as it is and serves as a platform for the writer to discuss what she cares about. The newsletter is straight to the point and discusses issues from the writer’s perspective.

Who reads the Please Clap newsletter? 

The newsletter is read by people who are looking for actual things to applaud. People who are interested in settling for something higher than the bare minimum, and those looking to read on general topics about life. 

This newsletter uses humor to state the obvious that many people seem to have ignored. The writer also uses it as a medium to showcase her works and talk about different issues in the online world.

Please Clap Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

Many users have applauded the author’s good use of images and humor to pass important messages and discuss difficult topics. While some have complained that the use of satire may be sometimes triggering, others find the writer’s tone conversational and interesting. Some other readers have said the newsletter has served as an eye-opener for them as it has helped them understand the implications of being comfortable with less and the reasons why one should work harder to achieve greater results. 

My Honest Review of Please Clap Newsletter

illustrating everything with her famous drawings, Shelby explains the effects of being too comfortable with doing as little as possible instead of aspiring for the best achievable result. She discusses different issues ranging from From the online world, to dating. Her dog, Clem also co-signs every issue discussed in the newsletter. 

Shelby examines and discusses the reason we applaud people with the least result, as well as the impact it has on our public and private lives as individuals. The newsletter is an actual eye-opener as it helps subscribers appreciate people doing the most. Shelby achieves this by sharing her works and the works of others who actually deserve applause.

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