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The Power Plays newsletter is a no-bullshit newsletter about sexism in sports. It is a powerful newsletter about women’s sport as the author, Lindsay, discusses extensively what goes on behind the scenes. The newsletter covers issues of inequality, abuse, and sexism in women's sports.


  • The author is passionate and very knowledgeable about the subject matter.
  • The newsletter is attention-catching and easy to read.
  • Contents are a product of proper research.


  • For some readers, the newsletter may be too specialized.
  • The content of the newsletter may be triggering for some people.

What is Power Plays Newsletter? 

The Power Plays newsletter is a no-bullshit newsletter about sexism in sports. It is a powerful newsletter about women’s sport as the author, Lindsay, discusses extensively what goes on behind the scenes. The newsletter covers issues of inequality, abuse, and sexism in women's sports. 

Based on interviews with top athletes, and reporters, she writes detailed analyses and also gives women's sports the professional coverage it deserves. She uses the newsletter as a medium to bring all the injustice going on in the sports world to light.

Power Plays Newsletter

The newsletter structure of Power Plays Newsletter 

First is the title or subject issue to be discussed. Each issue discussed starts with an introduction from the author and is then followed by different sections of properly researched content. These sections include interviews, news articles, personal stories, and opinions. 

The newsletter concludes with links to related sources and articles. And just like any other newsletter, it has a comment section. The newsletter also has buttons in between for you to upgrade your subscription to a paid plan if you are a free subscriber. Overall, it has a well-organized structure.

Is it free or paid? 

The Power Plays letter has both a free and paid subscription. The paid subscription comes in different options:



Founding Member



$52.56/year(45% cheaper than monthly)

As a free subscriber, you will receive an issue every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but miss out on all the fun that's happening in paid community channels. Paid subscribers have access to the Slack channel where the community watches women's sports live and chat about it in real-time. That's not all, it also comes with a monthly book club.

Who is behind this newsletter? 

Lindsay Gibbs is a freelance sports reporter who previously wrote for ThinkProgress, The Athletics, and The Ringer and has been featured on ESPN, the Washington Post, and the New York Times among many others. She’s also a co-host of a feminist sports podcast. Lindsay started the newsletter because she believes that there is a high level of inequality in women’s sports. She spends most of her time on research and reports on power, gender, and intersectionality in sports and shares these works with the subscribers of the Power Plays newsletter. 

Is Power Plays Newsletter Legit? 

The Power Plays newsletter is 100% legit. Lindsay Gibbs, the author of the newsletter, is a credible journalist with a solid background in reporting sports. She also happens to be the co-host of the feminist sports podcast, Burn It All Down. With her background in journalism, content posted in the newsletter can be trusted as she conducts proper research and even interviews top athletes to gain a lot of factual information on the subject issue discussed. Lindsay is also very transparent about her sources and this further shows the credibility of the newsletter.

Who reads the Power Plays newsletter? 

The Power Plays newsletter is mostly read by women in sports. It is read by athletes, reporters, and people who are tired of the injustices happening in women's sports. The newsletter is targeted at those who want women's sports to have more media coverage as this is part of what Lindsay is also trying to achieve. 

It is also read by people interested in sports and social justice and people who just want to learn about the happenings in the works of women's sports. Overall, the newsletter is for those who want to be part of a change in women’s sports, those who are tired of hearing bullshit excuses, and ready to see equality for women in sports.

Power Plays Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The newsletter is applauded by its readers as they appreciate the author's willingness to critically examine and discuss the injustice happening in women's sports as well as help increase its media coverage. Readers have praised the author’s ability to be open on difficult topics without being biased and her willingness to share personal experiences no matter how bad. 

Subscribers have said the newsletter is properly researched and well written as the author goes the extra mile to verify information before it is sent out to the public. The newsletter has given hope to a lot of athletes as they are part of a community that understands the struggles they go through and is willing to push for a change.

My Honest Review of Power Plays Newsletter 

In this newsletter, Lindays goes to the root of inequality, sexism, abuse, and censorship that is going on behind the scenes. She publishes detailed analyses, interviews top athletes and reporters, and gives all the professional coverage that women's sports deserve. 

Every week, Power Plays readers receive a combination of exclusive reporting, one-on-one interviews, history lessons, news commentary, and analysis about the biggest issues surrounding gender in sports directly into their inboxes. If you want to know more about women's sports and the issues the leagues face, this newsletter is for you. 

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