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The prequel newsletter is customized for parents deeply committed to nurturing their children's academic achievements and holistic growth. Subscribers will receive a treasure of insightful guidance and practical advice each week.


  • The newsletter is free, making it accessible to a wide audience.
  • The prequel follows a straightforward and easy-to-understand format.
  • Including social icons facilitates easy sharing and engagement with the newsletter's content.


  • Prequel may not offer personalized content recommendations or tailored experiences.
  • Sometimes, the newsletter contains too many stories or lengthy explanations.

What is the Prequel newsletter about?

The prequel newsletter is customized for parents deeply committed to nurturing their children's academic achievements and holistic growth. Subscribers will receive a treasure of insightful guidance and practical advice each week. The newsletter is thoughtfully designed to empower parents on their journey to cultivate their children's potential for a prosperous and fulfilling future. This newsletter is an excellent resource for parents willing to provide their children with the best academic future. It shares insights and informative content for academic success. Learn further about the newsletter in this Prequel newsletter review.

Is it free or paid?

The Prequel newsletter offers its benefits to users for free, making it a top choice among parents. Subscribers can enjoy all its advantages with no subscription costs, one of its most appealing features. Subscribe here.

The newsletter structure of the Prequel Newsletter

The newsletter adheres to a straightforward and user-friendly format while ensuring it shares all the important information. Here is the structure of the Prequel newsletter:

  • The newsletter starts with a prominent title at the top, alongside a brief description directly beneath it. 
  • The author's name and publication date
  •  are positioned to the left of the title.
  • Social icons are on the right side, next to the author’s name. 
  • Next, you will come across the Prequel logo and a concise introductory email featuring an engaging GIF. Following this, the newsletter presents a series of stories, each followed by comprehensive explanations.
  • Concluding the newsletter, the author invites readers to share their exclusive feedback and includes the author's sign-off message.

Now that you know the newsletter’s structure, let’s introduce you to the author in this Prequel newsletter review.

Who is behind this newsletter?

Ivy Xu is a visionary entrepreneur passionate about pioneering the location-independent lifestyle. Originally hailing from the vibrant landscape of Canada, Ivy's wanderlust has carried her to over 40 countries, shaping her global perspective and enriching her entrepreneurial spirit. Remarkably, she also co-founded the thriving "Asian Female Nomads" Facebook community, which boasts impressive organic growth, uniting over 900 members. Moreover, Ivy's spirit extends to her role as the founder of "Wander Women DAO." Ivy Xu explains her experiences and expertise in the newsletter to parents looking forward to their children’s bright future. Parents wait for the newsletter eagerly and wholeheartedly appreciate the information.

Is the Prequel newsletter legit?

Indeed, the legitimacy of this newsletter stands unquestioned. It serves as a wellspring of invaluable insights and resources crafted to empower both parents and students alike on their journey to nurturing and flourishing in their educational and career pursuits. The newsletter received praise from parents and students who need help on the academic ladder to climb high. So, Prequel is a legit newsletter.

Prequel Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

Certainly, after Prequel newsletter reviews, it is evident that Prequel profoundly impacts students and parents alike. For instance, it has empowered a 16-year-old high schooler to enter the world of entrepreneurship, defying conventional norms. This educational program imparts vital skills and fosters the confidence to co-found businesses. 

The Investing Bootcamp stands out for its interactive, case-study-based learning approach, making the complex world of investing engaging and enjoyable. Overall, these reviews underscore the invaluable opportunities and experiences that programs like Prequel offer, preparing students for the real world while nurturing their creativity and ambitions. This newsletter has gained immense popularity among readers who want to get educated on the subject.

My Honest Review of Prequel Newsletter

The Prequel Newsletter offers an informative experience to the readers. It has consistently delivered valuable insights and practical advice for parents and students striving for academic excellence and personal growth. The newsletter's content is thoughtfully curated, providing ideas and resources to support children's educational journey. Users have found the tips and information shared in the newsletter relevant and incredibly empowering. It has become an important resource in the reader's quest to guide their child toward a bright and successful future. The Prequel Newsletter is highly recommended for any parent seeking guidance and inspiration in nurturing their child's potential.

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