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As the name suggests, Smartr Daily is one of the best newsletters if you want to be smarter and more informed. It is suitable for all kinds of readers, whether you belong to technology, media, recruitment, or any other background. It does not contain technical information, nor is it based on only one news source. Smarter Daily brings you news from around the world. It enables you to stay on top of recent information without relying on multiple newsletters. It has everything you need, brought to you by carefully reading stories and blogs on the internet to ensure you only get the best.


  • Short stories
  • Easy to follow
  • Helpful insights


  • No original content

This newsletter is your daily dose of information and entertainment with stories from around the world. It has become a favorite among readers as it does not have a subscription fee unlike other similar newsletters. You can access the newsletter easily any day just by subscribing to it through the website without any additional charges, except for Smartr+. Keep reading to learn everything about Smartr Daily and Smartr+ to decide if you want to start your day with this newsletter or pass.

What is Smartr Daily Newsletter about?

The Smartr Daily newsletter is a comprehensive newsletter that brings stories from the internet. But these stories are just not any stories. They are top picks for curious readers who wait to find the email from Smartr Daily in their email. Smartr Daily says it is the essential newsletter for curious minds. The team at Smartr Daily brings you interesting articles and blogs on the web. It also comprises thought-provoking ideas and insights.

The best thing about Smartr Daily is that you can get all kinds of information in one place that you might have to scroll through social media or other mediums otherwise.

The Newsletter Structure of Smartr Daily

The Smartr Daily newsletter has a simple structure, easy to read and understand for all readers. It does not bring original news, but instead from sources all over the internet. The newsletter majorly comprises links to different stories that may interest you. You may consider it a collection of interesting content compiled from various websites that you might not have the time to browse daily. Let's tell you briefly about the structure of Smartr Daily.

  • The newsletter begins with the Smartr Daily logo on the top, followed by the date underneath the logo.
  • Below the logo and date is the title.
  • The Smartr Daily newsletter mentions the name of the sponsor for the day under the header.
  • Next, you can see an array of links from various sources adequately placed with enough white space to make it easy for you to read.
  • Under each heading is the author or blog's name with a short description of the mentioned story.
  • Followed by the excerpt from the blog comes a Read More link that directs you to the website.
  • The newsletter also often contains a video and podcast link for people who prefer listening to content than reading.
  • Next, you can see a quotation in a grey box to motivate and inspire you.
  • The newsletter ends with the name of the Editor and sharing options.

What topics does Smartr Daily Newsletter cover?

The Smartr Daily newsletter covers topics that make you smarter, and answers questions you might have in your mind. The newsletter usually revolves around productivity and psychology. It focuses on bringing you stories that answer your questions regarding behavior and technology. You can find different topics in your inbox every morning that ignite your interest in learning more and waiting for the next editions. Thus, you can find numerous interesting topics and stories when subscribing to Smartr Daily.

Is it free or paid?

You do not have to think twice when subscribing to the Smartr Daily newsletter, as it is absolutely free of cost. You do not have to pay anything to read these amazing, interesting stories from around the world in one place.

Just go to Smarterdaily and select "Subscribe" in the top right corner. Enter your email in the designated space and click on "Subscribe." You will receive a confirmation email which you have to confirm in order to receive daily newsletters from the Smartr Daily newsletter.

Another choice is Smartr+ which has been introduced to support Smartr Daily to bring high-quality content to the readers. It costs $5 per month or $49 per year. You can subscribe to Smartr+ in the same way as Smartr Daily. Go to their website and choose “Smartr+” It will give you the option to subscribe to the newsletter.

PS: My Honest Review of Smartr Daily Newsletter

The Smartr Daily newsletter is an excellent pick if you want to be smarter. It brings you stories from different well-known authors, so you do not have to scroll through their websites every day. It is the perfect choice of newsletter for curious minds who want to learn something new about the world. Whether you are interested in technology, psychology, time management, or improving productivity, the Smartr Daily newsletter has something for everyone.

This newsletter is easy to follow without any cluttering of advertisements. While it contains ads, they are strategically placed and do not distract the reader. The best part is that the newsletter is absolutely free for readers. You can subscribe to Smartr Daily by visiting their website and clicking "Subscribe." If you can, subscribe to their Smartr+ option to support the community for as low as $4 (annual subscription for $49).

So, what are you waiting for? I suggest you subscribe to the free versions first, and you will want to subscribe to Smartr+. The stories are definitely worth reading, and it does not take a lot of time to read either; stay updated with old and new research every morning. I’d say, it's worth subscribing to!

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