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It tells you what global leaders are doing and how you can contribute to a better society. Let’s tell you more in this Superpowers for Good newsletter review.


  1. It brings insights from leaders and changemakers from different domains
  2. The newsletter has a free version
  3. Thorpe also shares podcast links for a better understanding


  • Long-form content, usually without sub-sections

The superpowers for Good newsletter is the best choice for aspiring changemakers who want to make a mark. It tells you what global leaders are doing and how you can contribute to a better society. Let’s tell you more in this Superpowers for Good newsletter review.

What is Superpowers for Good Newsletter about?

Superpowers for Good newsletters is an ideal resource if you want to be a changemaker. It brings insights from investors, activists, social entrepreneurs, and volunteers. Superpowers for Good tells you how they are making a difference and how you can learn from their leadership skills.

The author, Devin Thorpe, asks changemakers and leaders about their superpowers that allow them to make a difference. Furthermore, they share how patience, optimism, and empathy contribute to success in all disciplines. You receive the newsletter thrice weekly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The Newsletter Structure of Superpowers for Good

The next in the Superpowers for Good newsletter review is the newsletter structure.

  • The newsletter begins with the topic on top.
  • Just below the title is a brief introduction to the newsletter's contents.
  • Next, you will see the author's name and publishing date, followed by like, comment, and share icons.
  • Now, Devin Thorpe gives you details on the topic. The newsletter has no sub-sections, and he explains the topic in long form. You might see relevant images between text paragraphs.
  • Alternatively, the newsletter might cover multiple topics or share upcoming event announcements.
  • As the newsletter ends, Thorpe encourages you to upgrade to the paid subscription if you have not.

What Topics does Superpowers for Good Newsletter Cover?

Superpowers for Good focuses on the 'superpowers' of influential and successful leaders worldwide. It brings you expert advice from investors, educators, and social entrepreneurs on their success secrets. It is suitable for young activists and entrepreneurs looking to become impactful changemakers.

Before we tell you about the subscription models, here’s a little about the author in this Superpowers for Good newsletter review.

Who is Behind Superpowers for Good newsletter?

Devin Thorpe, the genius behind Superpowers for Good, is a husband, father, podcaster, speaker, and journalist. Moreover, he is a best-selling author and a volunteer participating in different causes. He earned an MBA at Cornell. Thorpe is also a Forbes Contributor, sharing knowledge on social entrepreneurship and impact investing with over 2 million readers.

Is it Free or Paid?

One of the most anticipated questions in the Superpowers for Good newsletter review is, "Is it paid?"

You'll be happy that Superpower for Good offers multiple subscription plans, including a free one. Besides the free plan, you can choose a monthly plan for $5.95 or save 23% by taking the yearly subscription for $55. Thorpe also offers a Superhero subscription if you want to support the author above and beyond.

Moreover, you can get a group subscription or gift a paid subscription to your friend looking for expert advice.

Visit Superpowers4good to subscribe to this super-helpful newsletter

PS: My Honest Review of Superpowers for Good Newsletter

Coming to the end of the Superpowers for Good newsletter review, I would say it is ideal for people aspiring to be changemakers. Whether you want to become an educator, social entrepreneur, activist, investor, or volunteer, this newsletter covers everything. Devin Thorpe interviews leaders from different industries to bring their expertise and experience on board. It helps readers understand how they became changemakers and how you can be one. The newsletter might seem long, but the images help break the monotony of the structure.

It’s definitely a thumbs-up from me!

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