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While most newsletters discuss technology and business, Tangle is the ultimate unbiased politics newsletter. It brings political news of all sorts to you every morning from all parts of the world. You can read about political dynamics in various regions and see how they impact other countries. It is best for people looking forward to staying in touch with current affairs. The Tangle is equally good for students of Political sciences to understand the latest trends and political approaches better.


  • Non-partisan perspective
  • Proper breakdown of stories
  • Easy-to-follow format
  • Not cluttered with ads


  • Sometimes opinions may seem biased

It is believed to be among the most unbiased political newsletters. According to AdFontesMedia, the newsletter is in the middle of bias, mostly analysis or a mix of facts, reporting, and analysis.

Tangle releases its newsletter Monday to Friday to keep you updated with every minute change in the global political landscape.

What is the Tangle Newsletter about?

Tangle brings political news from all over the world and is a primary choice among Americans who understand that political news is broken. The newsletter does not only include stories from other sources but also gives the readers a different perspective on current politics. It allows them to think in new dimensions after understanding what experts think on the subject.

Compared to other politics newsletters, Tangle does not present news in Grey; instead, the opinions are black and white without any biasness towards any group. It is excellent for people who want to understand the system before choosing a political group they support. The arguments from across the political spectrum comprising the most reasonable voices instead of the loudest make it a preferred choice.

The Newsletter Structure of Tangle

The structure of this newsletter is straightforward. Let's tell you how it looks:

  • You can see the date mentioned at the top of the newsletter just above the header.
  • The header showcases the main story of the day in bold, followed by a relevant image.
  • Below the image, you will see the author’s introduction and the link to the Tangle podcast.
  • Next, the author gives the estimated time to read the story.
  • Before you get to the story, Isaac gives you an insight into today's advertiser. And then, you can also look at the topic of the next day’s story.
  • “Quick Hits” is the first news section of the newsletter that gives you bits of global political news in bullets with links to the complete article.
  • Then comes the main story of the day under "Today's Topic." The story covers all important aspects, from the main topic to what the right and the left are saying and Tangle's take on the situation. For better understanding, it also contains charts, tables, and links for further reading.
  • The next part of the newsletter is titled "Your Questions, Answered." As the title says, Isaac answers questions from the readers in this segment.
  • Following "Your Questions, Answered," you will see "Under the Radar" and "Numbers."
  • Moving forward comes “The Extras” containing mini segments within the section.
  • The newsletter ends with a greeting from the author and links to their socials, podcast, and merch store.

What topics does Tangle cover?

Tangle covers all political topics from around the globe, including the latest political advancements to other issues that might not directly seem political. It is a fresh breeze among some extremely biased newsletters that explicitly support one of the two sides without offering authentic information.

Is it free or paid?

The basic version of the Tangle Newsletter is free for readers.

Visit https://www.readtangle.com/signup/ to sign up for the newsletter. Enter your name and email address to continue.

As Tangle does not run many ads, it charges the readers a minimal subscription fee to keep running. The subscribers pay $5 monthly or $50 yearly. In return for this $5 investment, the subscribers receive 100% ad-free newsletters, transcribed interviews, subscribers-only Friday editions, and deep dives.

PS: My Honest Review of Tangle Newsletter

The Tangle is the perfect politics newsletter if you are looking for an unbiased publication to understand global politics. It gives you snippets and detailed stories from all over the world. It is suitable for anyone who wants a non-partisan analysis of current news.

However, if you support a particular group, you might need to slow down to understand the author's perspective, as it can be difficult to take criticism. But those $5 are worth it, undoubtedly!

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