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The Term Sheet Newsletter is all about venture deals, private equity, startups, funding, exits, SPACs, and the powerful people of the business world. It's a must-read newsletter for every business enthusiast. Moreover, The Term Sheet newsletter is free to read from day one.


  • The Term Sheet Newsletter is all about business world related news: venture capitals, deals and rapid growing startups.
  • No one is better qualified to talk about the business world than the writer Jessica Mathews. Earlier, she worked in Financial Planning magazine and interned at CNBC. 
  • This newsletter is free to read.


  • Readers need some background knowledge on business deals to fully understand what's being said in the newsletter.
  • Every newsletters has their own limitations. The Term Sheet Newsletter, for instance, is niche specific. It's a daily deal making publication. So, this is not for everyone.

What is the Term Sheet Newsletter about? 

The Term Sheet Newsletter is more than just a regular newsletter. At its core, it's about important business deals and the dealmakers.

Once you subscribe to this popular newsletter you'll be granted access to news related to:

  • Venture deals, 
  • Private Equity, 
  • startups,
  • Funding,
  • Exits, 
  • SPACs, and 
  • the powerful people of the business world.

The newsletter structure of Term Sheet Newsletter

The writer of the Term Sheet newsletter, Jessica Mathews was also the editor-in-chief at King’s College's student newspaper, the Empire State Tribune. She's a business industry pundit.

Subscribers of her newsletter will receive one issue per day.

The structure of this newsletter is,

  • A general headline-worthy business news,
  • “Disclosure, disclosure, disclosure”
  • Venture deals
  • Private equity, and
  • People

Is it free or paid? 

The Term Sheet is the daily newsletter of Fortune, which is allegedly the world’s most influential online business magazine. 

And want to know the best part? The Term Sheet newsletter is absolutely free to read.

Sign up for the newsletter and receive the most important business deals and dealmakers.

My Honest Review of Term Sheet Newsletter

Term Sheet Newsletter is my go-to for every business related news like venture deals, private equity, and startups. Also, as a content writer myself I need to stay up-to-date with the latest business deals. And the Term Sheet Newsletter is my cheat-sheet.

If you're a business enthusiast like me, this newsletter should be your must read.

Additionally, the minimalist design of the Term Sheet newsletter makes it eye friendly and a lot more engaging to read. Contrary to other publications, if they make any mistake in the newsletter, they correct it in the next issue. For example in one newsletter, they wrote:

“The online version of yesterday’s newsletter has been corrected to reflect that The Firefly Group acquired a minority stake in Titus Talent Strategies, not a majority stake. We regret the error.”

That being said, this newsletter is my personal favorite. And not just me, it's read by tens of thousands of people everyday. You should sign up too!

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