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The AI Supremacy newsletter provides valuable articles about technology and business, including Op-Eds, research summaries, guest contributions, and information about AI startups for AI enthusiasts. Besides the newsletter content, the community includes learners and professionals who want to save time and don't want to miss the latest AI developments.


  • The AI Supremacy newsletter is written in easy-to-understand language
  • The writer has a passion for AI and authority over the content
  • You receive a free potent dose of content every week


  • The regular newsletter is not free of cost
  • Free subscribers have access to limited content

What is the AI Supremacy Newsletter about?

AI Supremacy provides resourceful information about AI, quantum computing, emerging technology trends, venture capital, investing trends, breaking news in business, and material about AI startups. The founder of the newsletter has a great interest in futurism, which you will witness throughout the newsletter.  

The Newsletter Structure of AI Supremacy Newsletter

The AI Supremacy newsletter takes just a few minutes to read but is rich in content. It contains different types of content, including written content, images, and videos covering the topics. 

  • The newsletter starts with the title of a featured article covering the latest AI news. 
  • You will find the author's name and current date afterward. The author also greets the readers before starting the blog. 
  • The editorial also includes a reader's survey, which is required to improve the newsletter's quality by aligning it with its readers. You can take the survey and record your feedback by clicking the Start Survey Tab. 
  • The next section discusses the list of Top AI run-downs. You can skim through these online reads to improve your knowledge about AI & technology. 
  • The newsletter also includes a list of Open AI and Startup fund investments. The section is backed by logos and images and connects to the detailed article about the topic.
  • AI Supremacy gives access to past issues and previous blog posts; each copy also contains an interactive video. 

Is it Free or Paid?

The monthly plan costs $7.99 per month, while the yearly plan costs $79.99 per year. The Annual plan is 17% cheaper than the monthly plan. However, you can also subscribe to the free plan. Under this plan, you can receive only occasional public posts by the author. 

Subscribing to the paid plans gives you access to the full archive and exclusive subscriber-only posts. Moreover, you can also post comments and join the community under the paid plans. If you refer the newsletter to someone else, you can unlock a free paid subscription.  

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Now, if you wonder who’s the genius behind this informative email, here’s the author introduction in  The AI Supremacy newsletter review for you:

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Michael Spencer is the founder of the newsletter. He is a futuristic journalist and a writer with over 210,000 followers on LinkedIn. He has a hard-core love for AI, robotics, machine learning, quantum computing, etc. As a blogger, Michael has written multiple blogs on futuristic topics like quantum computing, technological trends and advancements, etc.  

The AI Supremacy Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The audience of AI Supremacy consists of founders, executives, software engineers, and people working in big technological firms, as well as startup founders and professionals. The newsletter is valuable to anyone curious about artificial intelligence. The audience finds the newsletter interesting, informative, and easy to understand. Readers like the author's AI coverage and claim it to be a valuable resource for their AI journey. You can go through the reader's testimonials on the official website of AI Supremacy.    

My honest review of the AI Supremacy Newsletter

I am impressed by this newsletter's coverage. It excellently addresses all the topics related to AI and futurism. The author is deeply interested in technology, which you can witness in his write-ups. He has authority over the subject with exceptional research skills. Moreover, the articles are easy-to-understand and well-structured. The tone is conversational, unlike the typical newsletter content. Overall, the newsletter is a lucrative read for those interested in the space.

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