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The Ankler Newsletter is all about entertainment industry news. The newsletter was first published in 2017 and quickly rose to Hollywood's stardom for being one of the most reputable sources in the industry. The Ankler has over 57,000 subscribers who regularly read this newsletter.


  • The Ankler is one of the best newsletters in the US which publishes essays related to the entertainment industry. 
  • No one is better qualified to talk about Holywood than Richard Rushfield, the editorial director of this newsletter. Earlier he had worked in Los Angeles magazine, Vanity Fair and as an author of its long-running Intelligence Report.
  • The Ankler is not a one-man army. They have dozens of staff reporters who religiously write about movies and pop culture.


  • Free subscribers of The Ankler newsletter can't post comments and are prevented from actively interacting with the vast community.
  • Every newsletters has their own limitations. The Ankler, for instance, is niche specific. So, this is not for everyone.

What is the Ankler Newsletter about? 

The Ankler Newsletter is a buzzy industry newsletter that covers every important entertainment industry news. The newsletter began its journey in 2017 and quickly gained a reputation for being one of the most buzzed-out voices of Hollywood. 

Famed writer Richard Rushfield is the editorial director and the chief columnist of the Ankler Newsletter. Beejoli Shah from The Information said him to be “the only journalist who covers the concentration of power in Hollywood.”

The newsletter structure of the Ankler Newsletter

The Ankler Newsletter is all about movies, entertainment industry and the intellectual property in Hollywood. It has over 57,000 subscribers around the world including Oscar-winning producers, directors and writers, and actors.

The newsletter structure of The Ankler is minimalistic and eye friendly. The newsletter is sent once a week, and 3 additional issues a week. Further, subscribers will grant access to the full archive of this popular newsletter.

Is it free or paid? 

The Ankler Newsletter has a free, as well as a premium version. 

The free version grants you access to occasional posts which are sent once every month.

Premium subscribers of The Ankler, however, will receive emails once a week. And sometimes 3 additional newsletters a week. They'll also be able to access the full archive.

My Honest Review of the Ankler Newsletter

If you're someone who likes digesting popular culture of Hollywood and the US, then The Ankler Newsletter is for you. To put it short: the newsletter is “absolutely indispensable if you care about popular culture.”

The New York Times described this newsletter as “hit Hollywood newsletter.” It was also listed as in the Fast Company’s “9 Newsletters That Make You Smarter.”

The Ankler Newsletter is my personal favorite. It's my go-to for every inside voice of Hollywood.

Not just me, this newsletter is loved by tens of thousands of people. If someone says “the Ankler Newsletter is just gossip,” then they're patently untrue. Because there is so much content in this newsletter.

Sign up and educate yourself about the entertainment industry.

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