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There is no doubt that The BowTied Bull Newseterr is the fastest-growing paid crypto news service. Basically, it covers tech stocks, cryptocurrencies, real estate, and WiFi money.


  • Each email mentions the “Level” it caters to
  • The newsletters land in your inbox regularly
  • You get interesting memes and images in the emails


  • The emails may seem long to some readers
  • Free subscribers receive occasional posts only

What is the BowTied Bull Newsletter about?

BowTied Bull is the #1 paid crypto newsletter written by ex-Wall Street and tech individuals. The newsletter brings all the important information and knowledge for the decentralized future (crypto, internet businesses, and technology stocks are the focus). The Basic version is best for people new to the technology and crypto world. It does not contain detailed analysis but offers broad overviews of crypto and tech.

So, how does the email look in your inbox? We’ve covered that for you next in The BowTied Bull newsletter review.

The Newsletter Structure of BowTied Bull Newsletter

The newsletter follows a direct writing style designed for business/ communication purposes. Each email brings a long piece of text to keep you in loop with the latest in the crypto, tech, and Wi-Fi money world.

  • The email begins with the story's title, followed by a Level number and publishing date.
  • Then, the author welcomes you to the newsletter and dives into the story details.
  • The newsletter may bring one or more stories with adequate details to ensure you’re well-informed.
  • Lastly, the newsletter ends with a CTA to Upgrade to Paid or subscribe to the email if you have not.

What Topics does the BowTied Bull Newsletter Cover?

The BowTied Bull newsletter covers everything about crypto and technology. The email brings news and information on tech stocks, crypto, real estate, and WiFi money. It is a complete newsletter for people looking forward to learning about tech stocks, crypto, and WiFi money in detail.

Is it Free or Paid?

The BowTied Bull newsletter offers multiple subscription options depending on your requirements and preferences. The free post comes every Monday, and paid posts come twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday. Sometimes, paid subscribers may also receive bonus posts. The subscription options include:

  • Monthly subscription for $10
  • Annual subscription for $100 ($8.33 per month; 17% cheaper than monthly payments)
  • Lifetime subscription for $600 or more
  • Free subscription with occasional posts

You can also get group subscriptions or gift them to your friends and family.

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Who is Behind this Newsletter?

BowTied Bull is run by an anonymous group of ex-Wall Street bankers and software engineers who aim to build a decentralized nation-state. They do not rely on credentials and believe in building an audience based on content and information.

The team mentions that they won’t be offended when people say, "You're just a cartoon", as the artist Banksy inspired the style. By being anonymous, they rely 100% on their skills, which is much harder.

The BowTied Bull Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The BowTied Bull newsletter has emerged as a popular newsletter among readers because of the information it provides. The emails are easy to read and provide all the important details for people looking forward to entering the world of crypto and tech stocks. It also shares insights on WiFi money so you can learn the tidbits without missing any necessary details. All these attributes make the BowTied Bull newsletter a favorite among readers.

My Honest Review of BowTied Bull Newsletter

I have recently started reading BowTied Bull newsletter to learn about crypto and tech stocks. The newsletter brings insights into crypto, real estate, and WiFi money. It is one of the top newsletters for beginners wanting to know more about cryptocurrency and technology. BowTiedBull helps people earn more money by growing an internet-based business and investing better in crypto, stocks, and real estate. They also fund talented individuals worldwide to create anonymous niche online businesses. It is an excellent resource for tech enthusiasts interested in learning further about the niches.

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