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Finding the right newsletter for your daily dose of news among so many can be challenging. And that is why I have researched and crafted The Daily Good newsletter review to help you decide. The Daily Good newsletter is one of the most popular newsletters among readers for its to-the-point structure, allowing you to read as much as you want. The newsletter brings you different pieces of news to read, browse, make, and scroll through. It discusses fashion, food, self-love, DIY, and more.


  • Easy to read
  • Multiple other resources
  • Free of cost


  • Links to lengthy articles

Some readers might not find it the best, but it is best for anyone wanting to read a little at a time and get brand new information.

What is The Daily Good Newsletter about?

The Daily Good Newsletter comes from AmyAnn Cadwell and The Good Trade team. The Good Trade is a website working towards sustainable lifestyle content since 2014. AmyAnn receives over 50 million readers on the website every year, followed by thousands of people reading the newsletter to get everything at a glance. The newsletter also focuses on self-love providing content to the readers to enjoy a sustainable living by educating them on important topics.

The Newsletter Structure of The Daily Good

As we tell you more in this The Daily Good Newsletter Review, here’s a short insight into the structure of the newsletter:

  • The newsletter begins with the date of the newsletter publication in the top center.
  • Furthermore, you can see “The Daily Good” just below the date.
  • The next line brings a quotation or sentence followed by warm greetings from AmyAnn Cadwell  and The Good Trade Team.
  • After AmyAnn welcomes the readers to the newsletter, there’s a link to a podcast or music, usually from another website.
  • The main body of the newsletter begins after the introduction and guest link; it comprises Read, Browse, Make, and Good News segments.
  • Read is the topmost section of the newsletter, bringing you a detailed piece on an interesting topic ranging anywhere from a personal experience to date ideas or fashion tips. Just click on the link to read the article on the website.
  • After Read, Browse familiarizes you with sustainable, better products such as crochet clothing, vegan soaps, sulfate-free shampoos, etc.
  • The third section of the newsletter is named Make. And as the name suggests, it brings you unique and exciting recipes to try and adopt healthy eating habits.
  • Good News is the last section of the newsletter with different pointers, including DIYs, quizzes, links to meditation blogs, and a “good question” at the end to make you ponder.

What topics does The Daily Good Newsletter cover?

The Daily Good covers a variety of topics based on motivation, inspiration, self-care, and sustainable living. The newsletter brings you something to read, browse, make, and listen to. Each newsletter has links to blogs based on fashion and DIY, including a podcast or music recommendation. You can find all the different topics when you read the newsletter daily. It is similar to The Vogue and other fashion magazines but offers little at a time. Go through the newsletter at a glance or follow the links to get further details on the topics. It also has a few links to help you pick sustainable products.

The Good News section is a favorite among readers; it provides numerous resources for the readers to explore and learn more.

Is it free or paid?

While most newsletters offering you such a compact overview of recent, dynamic trends cost you something, The Daily Good newsletter is absolutely free!

Just visit The Good Trade website and sign up for The Daily Good newsletter. Enter your email in the given space to subscribe to the newsletter.

PS: My Honest Review of The Daily Good Newsletter

The Daily Good is one of the best newsletters if you are looking for quick, crisp news in the morning. It has something for your eyes, ears, and mind to enjoy. The newsletter basically focuses on sustainability and self-love, offering you sustainable and eco-friendly shopping options in each newsletter. You also get a few recipes, something to read further on, and usually a link to a podcast.

But do you know what part of the newsletter makes The Daily Good Newsletter review's top feature? It's compact and easy to read! You can just float through the newsletter without straining your eyes. AmyAnn and her team present everything in a subtle and convenient-to-follow method to make it readers' favorite. It offers a quick outlook on blogs you can later read on the website.

I hope this review helps you decide if you want to add this newsletter to your list of subscriptions.

Happy reading!

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