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If you follow cryptocurrencies and digital assets, you must have heard of Digital Asset News Newsletter. It is a weekly newsletter about blockchain technology, central bank digital currencies, non-fungible tokens, regulation, and other issues. But is it worthwhile to subscribe?


  • Free to subscribe
  • Well-researched, high-quality content
  • Wide range of topics
  • Insights and perspectives from different experts and sources


  • Bias or preference towards certain projects or platforms
  • Not enough detail for some technical topics
  • Not suitable for beginners

This review will provide you with my honest and unbiased assessment of the newsletter's quality, relevance, and correctness. I will also discuss the newsletter's benefits and drawbacks and some suggestions for development. If you're interested in crypto, blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, and other topics, you might want to check out this newsletter. So, before you do, allow me to share my thoughts. Let's get started!

What is Digital Asset News about?

The Digital Asset News newsletter presents the most recent digital asset news, trends, and insights. Digital assets exist in binary form and include the right to be used, such as cryptocurrencies, blockchain applications, non-fungible tokens, and more. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins are included, as well as blockchain technology, decentralized finance (DeFi), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The newsletter aims to keep subscribers updated on the fast-paced and ever-changing world of digital assets, delivering relevant and timely information to assist them in making informed decisions. It gives you insight into the investment and trading world, making it easily understandable.

It aims to provide unbiased and informative content on cryptocurrencies. Cointelegraph, one of the main media channels for blockchain and cryptocurrency news, publishes the Daily Asset. The newsletter is written by a team of experts.

The Newsletter Structure of Digital Asset News

The newsletter is structured in the following sections, which are concise and consistent:

  • It begins with the introduction and summarizes the main topic of the newsletter.
  • Next, the newsletter states the most important news stories of the week.
  • After that, the author mentions the story that dives deeper into a specific topic in a feature story portion.
  • Just under the feature story, snapshots of the major trends of digital assets are given.
  • Next, you see a spotlight section that showcases the project, platform, or person making an impact or difference in digital assets.
  • As you scroll through the newsletter, you will notice sponsor advertisements and various numbers and facts, indicating the newsletter's factual nature.
  • The same structure is repeated throughout the newsletter till the end.
  • In the end, you see the conclusion to wrap up the newsletter.
  • It normally ends with a call to action or a question for the readers in order to engage the audience for future newsletters.
  • Unlike other newsletters, you will find the link to the Twitter account at the end.
  • Right after the Twitter account link of the newsletter writing agency, the newsletter ends with the issue date of the newsletter.

What topics does Digital Asset News cover?

The Digital Asset covers numerous topics including:

  • How blockchain works, what its advantages and disadvantages are, what its applications and use cases are, and what its prospects and possibilities are
  • What are CBDCs, why are they important, their benefits and drawbacks, how do they affect monetary policy and financial stability, and what are their legal and regulatory implications?
  • What exactly are NFTs, how do they function, what are their characteristics and features, what are their types and categories, what are their use cases and value propositions, and what are their potential and risks?
  • What are the present laws and norms regulating digital assets, how do they differ between jurisdictions and regions, what are the regulatory problems and gaps, what are the best practices and compliance requirements, and what are the trends?
  • What are the methods and procedures for investing in and trading digital assets? What are the tools and platforms for research and execution? What are the risks and rewards? What are the tips and guidance for beginners and experts?

Is it free or paid?

Digital Asset News is a completely free newsletter that you may subscribe to via the website and receive in your inbox every Wednesday. Get to the Digital Asset news page by searching on Google for "Digital Asset news newsletter". You will find a space to enter your email address at the bottom of the homepage, along with a "Subscribe" button on the right. Fill out the form with your email address and click "Subscribe."

Because the newsletter is free, you will receive a confirmation email immediately. When you receive the email, click "confirm," you will receive your newsletter next Wednesday.

PS: My Honest Review of Digital Asset News Newsletter

The Digital Asset News Weekly, in my opinion, is a wonderful educational resource for anybody interested in staying informed and educated about the digital asset market. It provides thorough and balanced coverage of the news, trends, and insights important to digital asset lovers. It covers all various topics revolving around different forms of assets and investments. Choose from the various options and learn something new from each newsletter. It also serves as a learning and engagement tool for the digital asset community. 

However, the newsletter is not perfect; like others, it has some shortcomings. As a result, I would suggest the Digital Asset News Weekly to anybody interested in digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Still, I would caution you to conduct proper research and due diligence before making any choices or taking action based on the newsletter material. The newsletter is a fantastic source of information, but it is not a replacement for independent thought and judgment.

I hope you found my review to be beneficial and informative. If you want to subscribe to the Digital Asset News Newsletter, go to Cointelegraph's official website and enter your email address. Thank you for reading!

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