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Money questions can be overwhelming, and finding the right resources to help you manage your finances can be challenging. Whether you're trying to pay off debt, start investing in stocks, or look for a more robust stock research tool, there are a lot of options out there. Finny is one growing all-in-one finance education and coaching app worth considering.


  • Personalized expert opinions
  • Broad range of finance topics
  • Personal finance education
  • Absence of advertisements


  • Expensive one-on-one sessions
  • Lack of a free plan option
  • No specific stock picks recommendation

I have been using Finny to research my own financial and investing questions, and I have found it to be an incredibly helpful resource. The app offers a wide range of features, including personalized financial coaching, educational content, and tools for researching investments.  

What is Finny about?

For those interested in the stock market, Finny provides research tools that allow users to analyze stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and in-depth charts. The platform's twice-weekly email newsletter, "The Gist," keeps users updated on the latest money happenings and highlights new money and investing topics that can improve their skills.

It has guide topics like credit scores, debt management, investments, insurance, bank accounts, and stock market volatility.

"The Gist" by Finny is published twice weekly, every Tuesday and Thursday, covering various money topics. It's a go-to for readers who prefer quick and condensed information compared to monthly personal finance magazines such as Kiplinger's. The convenience of receiving timely and relevant news is especially appreciated by readers who have limited free time outside of work. Moreover, daily publications have become overwhelming, and the weekly publishing frequency of "The Gist" adequately meets the readers' informational needs. Each issue of the newsletter covers a distinct topic, and the thorough research and analysis provided continue to impress the reader.

Each issue can give you action items for investing or planning for a certain topic. As always, perform your research and only choose stocks and financial products that can benefit your financial needs

The Gist newsletter and the investing tools are robust, but Finny also has some excellent tools to learn more about handling money and building credit.

One of the learning tools is its community section. In the community, you can ask questions, and Finny's money coaches can provide advice based on that. The coaches have a “coaching badge” when they respond. So, you know that the advice comes from an expert.

There are also discussion areas where you can answer and ask questions to get basic advice from others. The community section can be of great help when subscribing to Finny.

The Newsletter Structure of Finny

  • The header section of the newsletter starts with the date in the top left corner.
  • The logo of the publication (finny) is beneath the date in the center.
  • Further, the newsletter includes a title of the newsletter, i.e., GIST
  • Followed by a short paragraph that starts with greetings.
  • Then, you have a multiple-choice question with three options.
  • The paragraph ends with a line building the readers' interest in the newsletter.
  • The next line starts with a summary of the discussion points.
  • From the next page, each point is briefly covered, starting with the heading of the point followed by one related picture to attract the reader.
  • After that, the point is summarized in two paragraphs.
  • For further details, you can see the key points.
  • Each point on the cover page is covered on a separate single page, with the same pattern throughout.
  • Each section of the newsletter includes a headline to give readers a quick overview of the content.
  • The articles in each section are well-written and concise, making it easy for readers to absorb the information.
  • The footer section of the newsletter includes the following:
  • Important details such as the contact information for the publication
  • Subscription link
  • Links to the publication's email account
  • Link to the newsletter for sharing with others

What topics does Finny cover?

The Finny Newsletter covers a wide range of topics related to the financial industry. Some of the main topics covered in the newsletter include:

Market News

The newsletter provides updates on the latest developments in the stock market, bond market, and other financial markets.

Analysis of Financial Events

The newsletter analyzes recent financial events, such as mergers and acquisitions, regulation changes, and economic policy decisions.

Investment Recommendations

You get recommendations on investment opportunities and strategies for investors, including information on stocks, mutual funds, and other investment products.

Personal Finance

The newsletter provides insights and tips on managing personal finances, including advice on budgeting, saving, and investing for retirement.

Technology and Innovation

It covers financial technology developments and how they impact the finance industry.

Is it free or paid?

Finny is a paid membership platform that requires an annual subscription. However, they currently offer a limited-time promotion where the first 50 people who sign up can receive a 50% discount on either the annual or monthly plan.

As someone who values frugality, I understand the hesitation to spend money unless it's truly worth it. But with Finny, the potential benefits may outweigh the cost.

By subscribing to their premium membership, you gain access to valuable resources such as the twice-weekly "Gist" email, which covers hot financial topics, personal finance quizzes, and investment research tools. These tools can help you make informed financial decisions and improve your financial well-being.


Finny offers two membership options: an annual subscription of $100 or a monthly subscription of $15, which adds up to $180 per year with option B. Both options come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, providing peace of mind to potential subscribers.

Finny's Premium membership includes a range of tools and resources that can aid in improving your financial well-being. These features include a twice-weekly "Gist" email that covers relevant financial topics, personal finance quizzes, and investment research tools.

PS: My Honest Review of the Finny Newsletter

As someone who has always been interested in personal finance, I have subscribed to various newspapers and stock investment newsletters. I have experience with a variety of funding tools. So, I can comment on Finny's Premium membership features.

If you want to read in-depth financial advice without performing countless Google searches, Finny can be a useful tool.

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