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Technological revolutions are rapidly taking place, and it has become mandatory for everyone to know about tech and AI. It is the new face of the internet and offers its readers many opportunities. In this case, the generalist newsletter is all about technology and Artificial intelligence. It is a great newsletter for investors, entrepreneurs, and tech-related people. The in-depth analysis of AI and tech allow the readers to know about successful companies, technologies, and executives.


  • Latest technology revolutions 
  • Information on AI
  • Free subscribers have full access to briefings 
  • Wide range of technological topics


  • Paid 
  • Only provide annual subscriptions

This newsletter is quite interesting because it teaches different technologies to its readers and informs them about the latest trend. 

What is this newsletter The Generalist Newsletter about? 

The Generalist is the tech newsletter that provides the latest technological updates to its readers. It informs the readers about the latest news and technological trends crucial for entrepreneurs and investors. 

It sends mail alerts to its readers every Sunday, and all the articles are deeply researched, explaining different strategies, tactics, and business secrets to its readers. 

It understands the interest of its audience and provides details accordingly. Also, it covers a wide range of topics, including cryptocurrency, emerging markets, ecommerce, AI, and venture capital.

What is the Newsletter structure of The Generalist?

  • This newsletter provides its readers with exciting information and has an interesting structure. It publishes in-depth articles on venture capital and AI, informing readers of the latest trends. 
  • This website has different categories divided into AI and venture capital. These are trendy topics, and readers can easily find their separate sections at the top bar of this newsletter. 
  • The front page of this newsletter is colorful and filled with different pictures and articles. All the pieces have an attractive tagline and description, convincing the readers to read them. 
  • All these articles are specifically written to build interest in their readers regarding the technological world. It includes useful information for businesses and startups. 

Is the newsletter The Generalist free or paid? 

The free subscription offers complete access to its briefing to its readers. It ensures that even free subscribers get updates about tech and AI. However, the paid subscription is also available, and it costs $499 annually. Unfortunately, it didn’t provide monthly subscriptions. 

The paid subscription allows the readers to comment and participate in the private community and know the hidden secrets. 

Is this Newsletter legit? 

This newsletter performs in-depth analysis to provide technological insights to its readers. It includes information about different successful companies and the contribution of technology. It allows the readers to feel well-informed. 

I have subscribed to this newsletter because it keeps me updated about new technological revolutions. It informs me about the recent trends and use of AI in businesses. 

It is an ideal newsletter for tech lovers as they can quickly determine what is trending! 

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