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Grnmrk Newsletter is a valuable resource for professionals who are looking to strengthen their business’s security and compliance measures.


  • Real-life startup examples
  • How-to’s on certifications like SOC 2 and ISO 27001
  • Free Giveaways


  • Infrequent

What is the Grnmrk Newsletter about? 

If you are after insights and practical knowledge about security and compliance, the Grnmrk Newsletter is best for you. This newsletter is a valuable resource for professionals who are looking to strengthen their business’s security and compliance measures. 

Readers can look forward to:

  • How-to guides
  • Real startup stories
  • Emerging certifications like SOC 2 and ISO 27001
  • Knowledge from customer experiences

The newsletter structure of Grnmrk Newsletter

The Grnmrk Newsletter has a well-formed and engaging format that addresses the needs of those interested in security and compliance. Here is a closer look at its format:

The newsletter starts with the main header/title of the topic being presented further. It is followed by a sub-title and then comes the logo, name, and date or Grnmrk. 

Next up, the readers can locate the name of the sponsor and a button if they want to become a sponsor of the newsletter. A table of contents follows it. 

The content begins with a clear introduction that sets the stage for the day’s topic.

The newsletter divides the content into thoughtful subsections, providing a clear reading experience. Some common sections include what we are watching that introduces the central theme and offers insights into the topic, tips and tricks that provide practical tips and add actionable value for readers, new certs that recognize companies for their certification achievements, and memes to add humor and lightheartedness to the newsletter. 

The newsletter ends with asking the readers for their feedback on how Grnmrk is doing. It provides them with a scale from good to bad and ugly. 

Is it free or paid? 

You can subscribe to the Grnmrk Newsletter for free. However, if you choose to become a paying subscriber, you can get access to the private Slack community, special promos, free merch opportunities, and exclusive interviews and content. 

Who is behind this newsletter? 

Colby H. is the founder of the Grnmrk Newsletter. His mission behind this newsletter is to explore the intricacies of security, privacy, and compliance. 

Is the Grnmrk Newsletter Legit? 

The Grnmrk Newsletter is a legitimate source of insights into security and compliance. Beehiiv is the platform behind Grnmrk, which maintains important documents such as Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Publisher Agreement on its website to ensure transparency and trustworthiness. 

The Grnmrk Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

Readers very much appreciate the Grnmrk Newsletter for its insights and content. It is enjoyed as a guide for security and compliance, particularly for startups. The newsletter’s ‘how-to’ guides on compliance certifications are highly appreciated by the audience.

Some readers are seen regarding the direct contributions from industry experts and real startup leaders sharing their journeys. It adds a personal touch and credibility to the newsletter and leaves a good impact on the minds of readers. 

In general, readers consider the Grnmrk newsletter as a great resource that helps them tackle security and compliance challenges more effectively. 

My Honest Review of the Grnmrk Newsletter

I have been a subscriber of the Grnmrk Newsletter for quite some time now. I must say that it has become an invaluable resource in my professional journey. What I love about this newsletter is that they have categorized the content into different sections including Series: Path to SOC 2, new certifications, and startup stories. These are helpful to provide a structured and insightful approach. 

Some other reasons why I am genuinely hooked are the how-to’s on certs, wisdom from customer stories, real startup journeys, and exciting challenges. However, there is one minor drawback that I would like to mention. The newsletter is a bit infrequent and as a subscriber, you don't always know when to expect the next edition. 

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