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The Hackernews newsletter is one of the best Tech newsletters, with over 4.5 Million subscribers. It is the No.1 source of news and information about cybersecurity.


  • The newsletter brings authentic cybersecurity information. 
  • The emails have a visually appealing layout
  • The Hacker News subscription is free of charge


  • Sometimes, too much information overwhelms subscribers
  • It focuses only on cybersecurity

If you want to receive the latest updates in cybersecurity, The Hacker News newsletter must be your go-to pick. It is the #1 news platform that offers news on cybersecurity. Learn more in this Hacker News newsletter review:

What is The Hacker News Newsletter about?

The Hacker News is a trusted resource with over 4.5 million subscribers. The newsletter aims to guide the users and empower the readers to overcome related challenges in the cybersecurity industry.

The network is available on multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 

The Newsletter Structure of The Hacker News 

  • The newsletter starts with a header that includes the newsletter's name, the date, and the title/headline of the topic or news being discussed. An introductory section may follow an advertisement.
  • The main body of the newsletter consists of featured articles or highlights. These may cover recent hacking incidents, data breaches, or significant developments in the cybersecurity and technology sectors. In the right corner, you will find trending articles, news, and a link to read the full content. 
  • The newsletter may include a section that discusses emerging trends in the cybersecurity and technology industries. To add value for the subscribers, the newsletter provides practical tips, best practices, or security measures that readers can use to enhance their cybersecurity protection.
  • The article ends with a call for feedback and an invitation to join the community on other social media platforms. 
  • The newsletter concludes with a footer containing trending breaking news. The footer also contains essential information such as contact details, social media links, and options for managing subscription preferences.
  • Sometimes, the newsletter includes advertisements, promotions, or sponsor messages. It presents information in a clear, engaging, and informative way to cater to the interests of tech enthusiasts.

Before we dive into subscription details in The Hacker News newsletter review, here are the topics covered in this newsletter:

Topics in Hacker News Newsletter

The topic of The Hacker News Newsletter is cybersecurity and is covered with utmost authority. This is the reason why top-level professionals trust the resourceful newsletter. The newsletter comes out weekly and brings the best articles on cryptography, cybersecurity supply chain risk management, roots of trust, phishing, and security measurement. 

You will also see content in categories like #favorites, #askHN, #showHN, #learn, #code, #design, #watching, and others.

Is it Free or Paid?

The Hacker News newsletter is offered to subscribers completely free of charge. This newsletter is a resourceful tool, delivering curated content on hacking incidents, data breaches, emerging threats, and cutting-edge technological advancements to your inbox. 

You can easily subscribe to the newsletter by visiting the website and clicking the subscription option present at the top right corner of the home page. The footer also contains the options for managing subscriptions. 

Once you submit your email address, Hacker News sends you a confirmation email. Click the given link and complete the subscription process. 

Now, you will again receive an email confirming your subscription and access to free complimentary resources. You can also change the subscription preferences or unsubscribe from the newsletter. 

Subscribe to The Hacker News newsletter.

The Hacker News Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The readers, including top-level security professionals, programmers, and tech enthusiasts, trust the platform because it is a one-of-a-kind resource to get authentic news and updates about cybersecurity. The content is well-researched and delivered with full authority. This is why it has been ranked as the number one resource empowering the people in the field.

Moreover, the newsletter is free of cost, which makes it a profitable deal for the audience. You will not find such information so effortlessly from any other resource directly in your inbox.   

My Honest Review of The Hacker News Newsletter

Talking of my honest The Hacker News newsletter review, it is a platform worth praising. I consider it an indispensable resource that does not fail to deliver high-quality and relevant content to its subscribers. It covers hacking incidents, data breaches, and emerging threats, providing a well-rounded understanding of the constantly evolving cybersecurity domain. The Hacker News Newsletter is a valuable read for its audience. The articles are well-researched, the layout is visually appealing, and the tone is simple and understandable. 

So, if you’re also looking for a resource that brings you the latest trends and information in the cybersecurity industry, The Hacker News has got you covered. Subscribe now and stay updated!

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