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This blog will review the details of The Leadership Cheat Code newsletter. I will discuss the structure, subscription model, and topics covered in detail. You will get my honest opinion at the end.


  • The newsletter focuses on mindset and self-awareness, perfect for personal growth.
  • Subscribers can benefit from carefully handpicked information from popular articles on the platform.
  • The newsletter gives access to the cheat code insights like exclusive interviews and articles.
  • The Leadership Cheat Code focuses on providing a one-stop shop for leadership excellence.


  • The curated nature of the newsletter can limit the experience for users with specific interests.

The Leadership Cheat Code Newsletter is all about an upscaling mindset. This newsletter by Brian Vaughan is a game-changer for people serious about leadership growth and upgrading their skills.

With over two decades of experience, Brian curates a gem-packed newsletter with insights and resources to elevate your leadership journey. So, if you want to get into this leadership aura, The Leadership Cheat Code is all you need.

What is The Leadership Cheat Code About?

The Leadership Cheat Code Newsletter revolves around cultivating a winning mindset, mastering essential leadership skills, and equipping leaders with powerful tools. It provides subscribers with mindset growth hacks that are easily consumable within 2-3 minutes.

The newsletter focuses on developing a winning mindset to master essential skills, ultimately enhancing leadership acumen. Each edition contains valuable resources that can refine leadership qualities and help you become a trailblazing leader.

The Newsletter Structure of The Leadership Cheat Code

  • The Leadership Cheat Code structure is easy to eyes. The readers can get access to curated topics. It clearly explains the topics in the snippet before the introduction.
  • The newsletter is clearly divided into headings. Readers can understand what topics they will read about while casually glancing at the newsletter.
  • The closing remarks of the newsletter include quotes or sound advice from industry leaders.
  • Moving towards the end, the newsletter encourages readers to subscribe to the exclusive offers and paid podcast content.

What Topics Does the Leadership Cheat Code Cover?

The Leadership Cheat Code Newsletter goes beyond basic advice on other leadership and mindset resources. It covers specially curated topics that can improve the skillset and personal growth. Here are some of the notable areas that the newsletter covers.


The newsletter emphasizes understanding psychological principles related to leadership, such as motivation, communication, and influence. It helps the subscribers understand the intricacies of leadership psychology to foster a mindset conducive to success and achievement.


A handy skillset differentiates leaders from others. Therefore, The Leadership Cheat Code Newsletter focuses on abilities crucial for effective leadership. The subscribers can elevate themselves to the level of good leaders by reading about the fundamentals of leadership.


Having a powerful and versatile toolset helps elevate leadership skills. The newsletter offers a collection of strategies, techniques, and knowledge that can be applied in leadership situations. Subscribers can learn to become effective decision-makers as a leader.

Is it Free or Paid?

The Leadership Cheat Code Newsletter offers free and paid subscriptions. Go to and subscribe to email.

The free subscribers can access curated content of sound leadership advice and mindset growth. The paid subscription offers exclusive mindset boosters and early access to events and workshops.

My Honest Review of The Leadership Cheat Code:

The Leadership Cheat Code Newsletter is the ultimate solution to upgrade the mindset, skillset, and toolset. Based on the information it helps the subscriber to boost leadership wisdom. The insights are valuable and offer a transformative experience.

The Leadership Cheat Code is a valuable resource for subscribers serious about leadership. It is worthwhile for someone who wants to read short excerpts of information about leadership psychology and decision-making.

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