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The Lefsetz Letter newsletter is a must read for every music enthusiast. From music downloading, copy protection, pricing to the music itself, Lefsetz Letter covers a broad spectrum of the music industry. This weekly newsletter is published by industry guru Bob Lefsetz, the most influential voice of the music industry.


  • Entertaining To Read: The Lefsetz Letter is always entertaining to read. It never gets boring.
  • Industry Expertise: No one is better qualified to talk about music than the writer, Bob Lefsetz. He had long been an music industry insider before starting his newsletter.
  • No Prior Knowledge Needed: Another plus point is that it can be read by anyone. The reader doesn't need any prior knowledge of technical terms or music theories.


  • The Lefsetz Letter lacks visuals—a big negative for the younger readers.
  • The email newsletter is famous for speaking the truth which might not be liked by the particular artist's fanbase.

What is The Lefsetz Letter Newsletter about? 

Lefsetz Letter newsletter is unlike any of your average music blogs or trade magazines. It is renowned for being beholden to no one, and commitment to sharing honest perspectives.

It's been running for over two decades and addresses the issues that are core of the music industry: downloading, copy protection, music pricing and of course, the music itself.

The newsletter structure of The Lefsetz Letter

The Lefsetz Letter newsletter is structured in a minimalistic way which makes it user friendly, and also makes its content a lot more engaging. This may not be appealing to the younger generation, or someone who's fond of high visuals or eye-catching interface.

Further, this influential newsletter is issued daily with occasional breaks on the weekends. It uses simple font and informal language, which makes it sound like a hastily written email from a friend, rather than that of a music pundit.

Readers can also access the archive from their website.

Is it free or paid? 

The writer, Bob Lefsetz, has been publishing The Lefsetz Letter since the late 90's. He grew up in the late 1960s when “music defined the culture.” This was also an inspiration for him to write about music.

And the best part? The Lefsetz Letter newsletter is absolutely free.

My Honest Review of The Lefsetz Letter Newsletter

A lot of newsletters I've subscribed for are not so “entertaining.” So I don't read newsletters much. But that's not the case for the Lefsetz Letter Newsletter. It's been my favorite for the past three years and a go-to for any music related information or opinions.

Not just me, the Lefsetz Letter is loved by over tens of thousands of people. It's also among the daily reads by music gurus like Steven Tyler, Rick Nielsen, Michael Rapino, and Randy Phillips.

Although it's a daily newsletter you can receive more than one email a day. Last month, for example, I received a total of 40. When John Pidgeon from The Guardian asked him how he fuels this output, Lefsetz said: "Inspiration! Passion! I'm reacting to the world and want to share!"

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