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There's the Marketing Junto newsletter for marketing enthusiasts who enjoy staying on top of digital marketing news. Let’s tell you more about it in The Marketing Junto newsletter review.


  • The newsletter brings skimmable news from the digital marketing world
  • It comes from a digital marketing expert
  • Marketing Junto is a free newsletter


  • It is a weekly newsletter
  • The email might seem too short to some people

What is the Marketing Junto Newsletter about?

Marketing Junto aims to educate and inform marketing experts and enthusiasts on the latest global marketing trends.

The newsletter gets its name from Benjamin Franklin's club, The Junto, established in Philadelphia in 1727. The newsletter's author is a big fan of Benjamin Franklin, leading to the name "The Marketing Junto."

Marketing Junto lands in your inbox every Wednesday around 10 am Eastern, so you don't have to scroll through different websites to get your weekly dose of the latest marketing news. 

The Newsletter Structure of Marketing Junto Newsletter

  • The newsletter begins with the story's title in the middle, followed by the Marketing Junto logo.
  • Next, you will see the title again, followed by a relevant image.
  • Then, the writer takes you on an informational journey and explains the topic briefly in a few lines.
  • After that, you will see "The Latest From Entrepreneur’s Enigma.” It gives you a sneak peek into the latest news from the editor's podcast, where he interviews entrepreneurs and founders.
  • As you scroll down, the email brings you further news under "Web Jawn.” Sometimes, you might see “Web Find” or “I was on XYZ podcast or stories” after the Web Jawn.
  • Then, the newsletter ends with a QR code that takes you to the author’s website. 

What Topics does the Marketing Junto Newsletter Cover?

The Marketing Junto is a comprehensive newsletter on digital marketing that brings you everything from SEO to web design trends, paid search, and social media. It covers these topics in different editions, ensuring you stay in touch with the latest happenings in the digital marketing landscape. 

Whether you want to see emerging successful ideas in paid ads, new designs, or the most recent SEO news, Marketing Junto has you covered!

Is it Free or Paid?

The Marketing Junto is a free newsletter that the subscribers receive every week without any subscription fee. You can easily subscribe to the newsletter via the Marketing Junto website.

  • Visit the Marketing Junto website and scroll down to find “Join our newsletter to stay updated.” (or use the link below to open the form directly)
  • Click on “Sign Up Here!” that takes you to the subscription form.
  • Mention your name and email in the given space and click “Subscribe.”

Subscribe to the Marketing Junto newsletter

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Seth Goldstein is the primary writer and editor for Marketing Junto. He is a former journalist who turned into a Digital Marketer and podcaster. Seth Goldstein owns and runs Goldstein Media LLC, a Bucks County-based full-service digital marketing firm. Furthermore, he hosts a popular entrepreneurship podcast, Entrepreneur's Enigma, every Tuesday (bonus episodes on Thursday).

The Marketing Junto Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The Marketing Junto comes from one of the best analysts and podcasters, making it a popular resource among readers. Subscribers appreciate how the authors and editor compile all the important news in the digital marketing world, putting it all together in one place for easy access. The simple structure makes it incredibly easy to get an overview of the latest marketing news, while the links allow readers to dive further into the stories they prefer.

My Honest Review of Marketing Junto Newsletter

I have always liked newsletters and blogs by experts in the field, which is why the Marketing Junto newsletter is one of my favorites. Seth Goldstein has established himself as a polished entrepreneur and marketer, pushing you to trust his analysis and expertise on the subject. He and his team put together the newsletter in a skimmable manner, again, my favorite. I love short pieces of news that I can go through quickly and look into articles I find more relevant and interesting.

If you're also looking forward to the latest advancements and trends in the digital marketing world, Marketing Junto is a must-subscribe!

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