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Interested in Fantasy sports? Mathew Berry's Fantasy is one of the best e-sports newsletters to subscribe to. In Mathew Berry's newsletter, you can receive a 3x newsletter per week about the anything related to esports.


  • Expert fantasy advice and analysis every day
  • Active fantasy community
  • Peter Overzet’s witty and humorous writing style


  • Excessive Information.
  • Repetitive or irrelevant content

Review: Pros and Cons and What Topics Is This Newsletter about?

If you follow fantasy football, you must have heard of Matthew Berry, ESPN's senior fantasy analyst and the author of Fantasy Life. He is one of the industry's most prominent and popular voices.

He has a newsletter that sends his views, analysis, recommendations, and humor to your inbox 3x times a week. But is it worthwhile to subscribe? Let me tell you if you are wondering how Matthew Berry Fantasy Newsletter compares to other fantasy newsletters. In this review, I will offer you my honest opinion on Matthew Berry's Fantasy Newsletter and the benefits and drawbacks of being a member of his fantasy community.

What is Matthew Berry’s Fantasy Newsletter about?

Matthew Berry's Fantasy is a free tri-weekly newsletter that keeps you updated on the newest NFL news, fantasy analysis, sports betting advice, and recent fantasy topics. It has over 300,000 readers and is regarded as one of the greatest fantasy football newsletters.

It is a daily email newsletter on fantasy football that provides insight into Fantasy Life. The website offers fantasy content, tools, podcasts, and newsletters. Peter Overzet, a fantasy analyst and humorist who collaborates closely with Matthew Berry, writes the newsletter. The newsletter includes Matthew Berry's weekly fantasy rankings, his way too early 2023 rankings, fantasy happy hour films with special guests, fantasy happy hour videos with special guests, and the latest articles and podcasts. Breaking news, injury updates, trade rumors, waiver wire guidance, sports betting ideas, and hot issues around the fantasy watercooler are also included in the email. Mathew also gives an early ranking for the season following the Super Bowl. Matthew Berry's Weekly Fantasy Football Rankings are based on his professional judgment and projections for each position and scoring type.

The Newsletter Structure of Matthew Berry’s Fantasy

Matthew Berry Fantasy is a tri-weekly newsletter. It has a standard and clear structure making it easy to read and follow. The newsletter is divided into four sections: Fantasy Football Happy Hour, Matthew Berry's Weekly Fantasy Football Rankings, Matthew Berry's NFL Combine Buzz, and Newsletters.

  • The newsletter begins with a headline and a related picture in the background.
  • After that, just under the headline, you can find the author's Twitter handle on the left side, and on the right side, you will find the link to other newsletters, the author's name, and the date of the newsletter.
  • Next, the newsletter mentions the sponsor’s name.
  • Just below the sponsorship mention, the newsletter starts with a conversational start of the letter in Italics.
  • The main topics are mentioned after the intro in bullet form.
  • Each bullet point is elaborated separately, and different quotations from related personalities are mentioned
  •  during the explanation of each point.
  • When scrolling through the newsletter, you will find advertisements and lots of statistics and facts, which indicate the factual nature of the newsletter.
  • The same pattern is followed throughout the newsletter till the end.
  • As you move toward the end of the newsletter, you can see the footer section of the newsletter.
  • It includes a question, "Enjoy this newsletter?" following this, right under it, you see a message from the author "Get it delivered to your inbox every morning!".
  • Next, you see a blank to enter your email address, followed by a button of "join free!"  

What topics does Matthew Berry’s Fantasy Newsletter cover?

Matthew Berry’s Fantasy newsletter covers topics related to the NFL industry. Some of the main topics covered in the newsletter include:

  • NFL news and rumors
  • Injury updates and reports
  • Trade analysis and speculation
  • Waiver wire pickups and drops
  • Start/sit decisions and lineup advice
  • Draft strategy and tips
  • Player profiles and projections
  • Weekly rankings and tiers
  • Sports betting picks and odds
  • Fun facts and trivia
  • Fantasy etiquette and etiquette

Is it free or paid?

Subscribe to Matthew Berry's Fantasy Newsletter for free. You only need an email address and a passion for fantasy football. You can sign up through the Fantasy Life website or app or follow any of Matthew Berry's social media sites. Visit the Matthew Berry fantasy football website and enter your email in the given space to subscribe to this newsletter  If you change your mind, you can unsubscribe at any time.

PS: My Honest Review of Matthew Berry’s Fantasy Newsletter

As a fantasy football enthusiast and player, I have been following Matthew Berry for months. I admire his knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for the game. I also like his attitude, sense of humor, and style. That's why I decided to subscribe to his newsletter. And I must say that I am not disappointed. The newsletter is educational, entertaining, and interesting. It keeps me up to date on anything fantasy football-related. It also grants me access to exclusive content and videos from Matthew Berry.

Peter Overzet's newsletter writing style is appealing to me. He is amusing, intelligent, and relatable. He contributes his own voice and viewpoint to the newsletter without overshadowing Matthew Berry. He communicates with readers and the fantasy community on social media and the Fantasy Life app. It does not mean the newsletter is not without flaws. Sometimes it feels like there is too much information in one email to process. Some of the stuff may be repetitive or unrelated.

In the end, I believe Matthew Berry's Fantasy Newsletter is an excellent resource for any fantasy football player. It's free, simple to use, and entertaining to read. It provides you with a daily dose of fantasy football knowledge and excitement. The newsletter allows you to improve your fantasy talents while still having fun. It brings you all the football fantasy news from the experts, so you receive authentic information. If you want a newsletter that covers all fantasy football, you should absolutely sign up for Matthew Berry Fantasy Newsletter; you will love it. That’s all for this review.

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